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Scott Rooks

Very cool stuff. I personally liked the format it was retrieved in and the retrieval time was snappy.

It was also easy to read but I was not looking for a particular post. You might do a test looking for a unique post you did over the last several years to see how effective or not that truly is in relationship to just browsing titles.

Any way looks to be an improvement over the old group them by year method. Good luck !

John Powers

Fooling around with the nptech bloggers feeds experiment at every click I was like "wow." Tony Karrer is really smart. I've had the same trouble you have with finding articles here. Your putting Google search on your page has helped a lot. I'm not very tech savvy, and often when I'm pointing someone to something you've written, I know they're even less tech savvy than I. The beauty of your posts is you have a real talent for telling people how to. One of the ways that this solution really works is allowing people to scan your post efficiently for the information they really are interested.

You are a real treasure and I'm very happy to see you're working to find ways for people to use your site better. Very many of your old posts are still the best for empowering using Web tools there are. This approach will make it easier for regular readers, but more especially for new readers to benefit from your blog.

Marc A. Pitman,

Hi Beth,

I use WordPress and have started experimenting with Yet Another Related Posts plugin. It seems pretty accurate.

Does one exist for Typepad?

Beth Kanter

Great suggestion. I try to do this, but doing it manually - so it isn't just my content, but pointing to others.

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