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Steve Sherlock

Gee, I guess there is nothing like a timely contribution! More importantly, thanks for sharing your learnings about such an important activity (both birthday fund raising and for a good cause).

Amy Sample Ward

RE: #3

to continue our conversation about this... I know that in my case, my Birthday Cause featured a causes that I was not the admin for, so, that determined some of my promotional opportunities. But, it also made me think about the relationship between online supporters (whether they take the shape of fundraisers, advocates or just whatever else) and the cause (used to include all 'causes' not just the application) they support. None of the admins from the Cause I was supporting contacted me during my fundraiser and I don't think this was out of any negative feelings, just that they didn't know I was doing the Birthday Cause to support them!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

Beth Kanter

Great news .. the folks at Causes left some feedback and donated $52!


Beth, you're such an inspiration!

I have been following you on twitter the past weeks
well done on the great amount you have raised!

so.. only now I actually figure out that we've got the same birthday!

ok, inspiring social media guru,
who knows next year we'll do a communal 11th of Jan fund raiser!

enjoy the rest of your day!
mine here in South Africa is coming to an end..

cheers, Frerieke

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