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Maha Chehlaoui

This is a fantastic post- thank you so much... The links and leads go deep with this one- and just in time too! I have been lurking on a bunch of blogs and sites trying to learn as much as I can about using social media. This one post and all the posts it links to really tie together the form/function of it all- which form the plan should take and determining the function... brilliant. Happy birthday!


Hi Beth,

Love these social media New Years Resolutions!

I've added your link to our site

Have a great New Year!

Robert Weiner

Hi Beth. TechSoup's blog is actually at (no www in the URL).


Thank you for an excellent review.

Roger Carr

Beth, these are great suggestions. I guess I need to implement the one on "reflecting" to consider how I am going to implement the other 51... Thanks for the useful content you continually provide.

Jordan Viator

Beth- I love the idea of outlining your blogging topics a year in advance. I told you how hard a time I have blogging about the list of topics and items I constantly write down, and this is a perfect way to help me in 2009. Looking forward to reading your 52 topics this year!

jeff paul internet business

Your post has on internet marketing is definitely true. Internet marketing has opened new ways of attracting visitors to the website giving the webmasters a way of earning cash as well as web status. Let's see what the future holds for internet marketing.

Liz Hover

Thanks so much for this post Beth. Interestingly I've started to do many of the things you suggest. My blog got a redesign over the holidays: and I've been looking closely at Twitter friends etc and culling which led me to set up my own personal Twitter account. This is great advice.

Evelyn So

Fantastic post - so many great tips and insights. I was about to give a talk to a mostly non-profit audience at Techsoup and this definitely give me a lot to think about. Thank you!


Thank you for the wonderful post! Very helpful suggestions!

Rob Whetzel

A lot to go through on this post. Very informative and will definitely help with decision making for any type of social media.


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