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Michelle Greer

Question, is this post about charging NGOs to be a free agent fundraiser or just doing it voluntarily? I'm not really getting that.


Excellent way of pulling many strands of this conversation together. I've said a lot in the past few days and am in listening mode now, especially the comments from this post. This is the right discussion at the right time. @scottyhendo


There is no question that the landscape is shifting rapidly now. People like David who have large contact networks can compete with organizations like the Salvation Army.

Now the nonprofit community needs to not only compete with "amateur" fundraisers and activists, but it needs to embrace, align with and educate these valuable role players. Their "mistakes" are to be encouraged, IMO. By discouraging activism we hurt the larger goal. Ironing out the details and best practices later seems to make more sense to me.

Beth Kanter


I'm talking about collaboration with free agent fundraisers - embracing them.

Make sense?

Imran Anwar

Thanks for following me on

I'm sending your website ink to folks I know in non-profit, where I have done work as a CIO. Hope that helps.


"Live, Forever" -

Alicia C. Staley (@stales)

I think the fund raising space is changing rapidly. Your post does a great job of explaining these changes will impact everyone in the non-profit space. Social networks are allowing small foundations like mine to raise money very quickly, with very little overhead. 90% of funds raised by my foundation have come exclusively through social media channels. We've yet to launch any "old fashioned" fund raising campaigns (mailings, etc). A few questions - How do encourage and develop free agent fundraisers? How do you continue to go back to the same social networks for funds? At what point do a social network become too big for effective fundraising? Is tha possible?

There seems to be an evolution to the fundraising strategies used online - chipin, to facebook causes, to @tipjoy. What's the best way to stay on this curve of evolution? Great post!! thank you!


Your work amazes me and it's great how you integrated social media into this cause and were very successful with it. I discovered the blog too late to help out! Thanks for sharing great information.

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