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Michael Hoffman

Beth, what's unclear to me here, and I think would be interesting to your audience is the connection between the advocacy ask and some fundraising ask. How do people get moved from a message to sign a petition, and then to give money? Is that just up to them? Or are there follow-up email asks that raise the bar on those people who did the first thing?

Jonathon D. Colman

Wow, what an awesome campaign. This looks like a great way to help the Save Darfur Coalition unite their supporters by helping them create messages of hope and take both digital and real-world actions to make a difference.

Congratulations to Qui & Geoff, who both continue to create some of the best work in the nonprofit world.

Kami W Huyse

I love how you break the campaign down. As usual, a great overview of not only the cause itself, but how an organization is using the cause to make a difference.

Alex, aka SocialButterfly

This is a great campaign with great people behind! THanks for breaking the campaign down for us.


@michael I'm sitting here with Geoff Livingston and relayed your comment. Right now, the call to action is to sign the petition in light of the December 9th Anniversary

Kami W Huyse

Beth; I left a comment earlier that didn't get through.

What I love about this campaign is that does have many elements, so you can mix and match to become involved at a level in which you feel committed. There is a implied invitation to take it further, but now that Save Darfur has my email address I suspect they will keep me informed and later there will be an opportunity for the financial ask. As long as they handle this step tactfully and carefully I will be a happy camper.

Qui Diaz

Hi Beth - Thank you for the thoughtful and clear assessment of the campaign. And thanks to all who have signed and are spreading the word.

This WOM effort to gain a critical mass of support is ultimately intended to drive political attention and action. The Save Darfur Coalition will be taking many steps to that end over the next several months.

Today (December 9) is the 60th Anniversary of the UN's Genocide Convention. An important marker for all of us. See what others have to say about ending the Darfur genocide via's Ideas for Change in America:


This is a great campaign and the petition is something I'd like to utilize, but I have a Cause on Facebook and I'm not seeing where I could use the petition feature. Is this something you need to pay for? Is it available for other nonprofits? I know Save Darfur is a partner with Causes, could this be something they've created individually for Save Darfur?


I'm not sure if they have implemented the feature across all Causes or whether you have to set up a new cause. You should ask them about this in their user forum


Hi,I am a seventh grader. My teacher assainged a project about the genocide in Sudan. Are there any specific organizations dedicated to this tragety other than the UN?

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