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It's significant that your first awareness of this was as a result of a purchase, and remarkable that you decided to participate in spamming your friends, even for a good cause.

We are entering a post-consumer phase of our economy and we can expect to see both increased promotion of these schemes to map our connections and graph our personal marketing power, and a backlash against the use of social networks to sell things to us. If I receive an automated notice of what a "friend" has purchased I will likely remove myself from the network in question, and question the friendship. Then again, I am probably not the demographic that is targeted. I find it hard to accept these robotic simulations of intimacy, where others may find it normal and helpful.


I have to agree with Dave- in a era of prolific identity theft, I take great efforts to protect my identity and privacy....while I work for a non profit and yes we utilize marketing techniques, I firmly aware and believe in the philosophy of not being intrusive.

I can handle seeing an ad on a website I visit- it is my CHOICE to view or ignore that ad. But spamming my facebook (or myspace or other social network is surely coming) even for a good cause is VERY intrusive and violates the premise of opt-in. I want to be able to choose WHO/WHEN/HOW/WHERE I recieve information especially in a day and age of too much information.

And while the option to opt-out is available, there are many of us that simply don't have the time or energy to have to be bothered with opting-out.

Relationships are still the primary key in marketing and fundraising. Automated emails or web communications because someone clicked a box, will get you off my consumer list faster than taking away my chocolate.


Yes thats true. It really takes effort to protect nor minimize our identity in the web. Yet still its non profitable and it can be somehow intrusive for others in the near future.

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