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Ari Herzog

...and I thought you were going to relate Einstein to social networking, as I recently wrote:

Scott Meis

Fabulous post and a wealth of structured info here Beth. Building on #4, I'd say emphasis on Quality over Quantity. Depending upon your org's mission, focus on the top influencers to build connections and work your way down. On that same theme, when you've nailed down your listening process, strategy and tactics, find the right 2-3 tools to drive the effort and achieve your goals. This doesn't mean you have (nor should you) be on every social media platform but rather using a few tools really well will help you push toward success. Last, don't flood these platforms with random content, but ensure your content is high quality and of great use to your community.

Jordan Viator

Beth- what a fabulous reader's guide for your Einstein presentation! Another point that goes hand in hand with this presentation (probably best with #6) is that organizations have to be willing to experiment, and possibly even have social media efforts that are not successful, to better learn what WILL work for them and speak to their specific supporters. Looking forward to this afternoon's webinar!

Beth Kanter

@jordan - how do you justify failure when economic times are so harsh and budgets tight?

Jordan Viator

Actually, in such a tough economy social media will be helpful to organizations whose budgets are tight and cannot necessarily invest in more traditional marketing efforts. Failure is scary but the monetary cost is low and by saving money in other places and working to find a true social media "fit" for your org now, you're saving money in the long run. Plus, you're staying innovative and agile in a time when NPOs need to stand apart from the pack to catch the eye, ear and shrinking wallets of donors and advocates.

Jedediah Walls - United Way of Metropolitan Chicago

Great post. My "brilliant" social marketing idea of today (and I'll let you use your judgment on just how brilliant it may really be...) is that I like to say that any social media strategy should end in a one-on-one conversation between two people (and most significant, between a member of the public and a member of your staff). When building a social media plan, consider how your approach creates opportunities to open dialogue.

Alison Lowndes

As a huge fan of physics & apt to the present economic sitution I do like another of Einstein's quotes "We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”
I'm ploughing through the info provided in this great post, many many thanks x


Check out - A great mix of social media and nonprofits.

Nancy Hellams aka Ohme

I volunteer with several non profits and have increased our communication with my squidoo lens for our "Friends of the Park". Also building my local FaceBook friends and hopefully that will help recruit volunteers. I plan to study your words here and improve my approach. Thank you.

Wendy Boyce

New + Tech = Resistance
New + Tech + Education = Adoption

AMAZING - This is EXACTLY what I am experiencing right now. The Resistance portion and am now working diligently on the Education piece of why our customers should be utilizing Social Media online to market their small businesses.

That's my one take away from your article - but it's a great post!




Hey Beth ... I just wanted say thanks for sharing your thought process on this as well as the presentation. I have a few talks coming up in the next few months. i'll surely use some of your content (with repect, linkback, etc... of course).

I like the way you lay out the strategy ovreall. it's a great framework, very simple to follow and practical to apply.


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