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Jen Chiu

Hi Beth,

Thanks for sharing these links. I discovered your blog pretty recently and am trying to absorb everything! Do you have any "best of" recommendations from your own blog?



Howdy. Thanks for sharing the links, too. I've been trying to be reflective this week so that's how I happened here. One of the thing that keeps coming to my years the last several days is how bad it is for non-profits so I'm not surprised to see that on your list. My thoughts have been turning to how to protect what money I have and I'm real worried about the dollar.

I just finished watching the I.O. USA video and it scares me quite a bit as we go into the new year.

I think a lot of people are going to be turning toward saving money. And gold probably will be one of the modes to that end because I think the dollar will be toast. I see from ExactPrice that gold is taking off after close today and is at 883.90 right now. Given it all I am beginning to wonder if Peter Schiff's prediction isn’t right about it going through the roof in ‘09. He claims $2,000 an ounce will likely be hit.

Anyway one of my predictions is that we will see a major inflation this coming year. probably mid to late. So I intend to save as much as I can. So I guess that's my prediction and resolution all in one :-)

Marion Conway

Hi Beth,

Thanks for this post with great links. I am putting together a post on resolutions for nonprofits in 2009 and this is a great resource. Thanks for mentioning my list of favorite blog posts also - it was fun to write and easy to do with bookmarking favorites at Twitter. Thanks for introducing me to Twitter.


Amy Sample Ward

Great, Beth! I put up my predictions and had some very good comments here:

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