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Chris Pereira

I've heard nothing but good things about Techsmith and would love to have a chance to experiment with their products. I am the only IT person for our 3 location non-profit and so my ability to train folks both in the home office and at our remote sites is stretched past thin. I've heard that these tools would greatly aid me in putting together presentations and training materials. I do all the IT functions (network management, hardware and software support, etc.) as well as act as webmaster for our website I need all the help I can get! Thanks!

Bryce Tugwell

I would love to have a copy of Camtasia! I manage the Jane Goodall Institute's website and do some video editing (see the homepage: would hlep hel me out with a number of projects that we have envisioned for next year. Really great of you to offer this up Beth.

Sandra Sims

I literally use SnagIt everyday. Every webmaster, blogger or graphic designer needs it. Since I don't work directly for a nonprofit I'm not asking my name to be put in the hat, but think great that they are giving a copy away.

Ross McCulloch

Hey Beth

Caught the link to this post on Twitter. You'll find me here:

I've wanted to get my hands on Camtasia for a while now. I'm a Development Officer with Family Support Partnership Lanarkshire, as the name suggests we're a partnership between three charities - Family Mediation South Lanarkshire, Relate Lanarkshire and Scottish Marriage Care. We provide a wide range of counselling, mediation and support services to families and children.

Camtasia could really revolutionize the way we work. For starters we could create visually stunning guides to our services for kids and families, hosting them on our site. Providing a move away from the huge amount of written content on there already. On top of that I regularly present to professionals (funders, social workers, schools, etc) and use the snorefest which is Powerpoint. If I had Camtasia I could really bring my presentations to life! Finally, I currently have sole responsibility for our intranet, blog, website, email, database, etc. If I could create easy to follow guides using Camtasia we'd have the perfect training tool for new staff and volunteers.

Looking forward to the results next week!



PS...Sorry to hear about Tony's house, you wouldn't wish that on your worst enemy.


What happened to Jing?

Leslie Forman


I think that a SnagIt license could have such a huge impact on our work to empower people in China to lift themselves from poverty. I recently moved to Beijing for my role as Marketing Director for Wokai. We recently launched, which connects contributors worldwide with entrepreneurs in poor areas of rural China.

I used SnagIt extensively in my last job (and LOVE it) and I am currently using a Free Trial license to communicate effectively with our Chinese engineering team. We have found that the ability to pinpoint specific details on our website has greatly improved the speed and accuracy with which we can improve the interface and user experience. As you know, fine-tuning a complex multi-function website requires sustained attention to detail, and SnagIt has allowed us to better focus on these details.

It has also given us a new tool to transcend the linguistic, cultural, and geographic boundaries within our organization. We have approximately 100 volunteers in our chapters across the US. When these supporters share specific suggestions to improve the website, I immediately capture them with SnagIt to forward on to our engineers. SnagIt improves the efficiency of these feedback loops.

Thank you so much!

Leslie Forman
Marketing Director, Wokai

P.S. My greatest sympathy goes out to Tony and his family. I can imagine how devastating it is to lose a home.

Jerry Green

As the only tech person in a poor, 5700+ student, K-6 district, having Camtasia would be GREAT in preparing professional development, PC tips, and lessons for teachers, as well as teaching kids how to use it and create their own screencasts. I was introduced to Camtasia this past spring at a conference and loved it, but my district has no budget for software. The budget is so bad, that I am temporarily (I hope!) going back to the classroom. Having Camtasia would allow me to still service the district even if I can't go to them in person anymore.



I've been using snagit for about a year now! Love it! Glad to see another in the nonprofit arena using it :P


Robin Reed

Thanks for offering up these tools! My organization ( is just getting started with screencasting, but we have big hopes for how we'd like to use it for tutorials that will educate visitors about our issues. I've been using your posts about screencasting as a guide as we make our plans. We're experimenting with free screencasting tools but would love to get our hands on Camtasia.

Jeremy Wallace

I'd love to have a copy of Camtasia. I used it at a previous job, and I really think it's an easy way to make powerful training videos.


Jeremy Wallace

I'd love to have a copy of Camtasia. I used it at a previous job, and I really think it's an easy way to make powerful training videos.


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