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I wouldn't necessarily look at an automated thank you as spam, afterall, I've joined the Cause/Group. It does, however, seem tacky. It only takes a moment to personalize a thank you.

If I discovered one day that I had scores of discussions and wall posts for my nonprofit to respond to, I'd be thrilled. I've been struggling with how fleeting the interaction on Facebook can be - it seems many people sign up, and that's the end of the interaction. The cause lives in some dark corner of their profile. The least I can do is send a simple thank you in the beginning!

Maha Chehlaoui

Interesting- I am working with Call2Action. It is a website that uses video content culled from various sources to engage and motivate viewers to create change and empower them with tools to help. One thing we are hammering out is auto messaging- thank yous for people signing up as supporters for non-profits, and thank yous to people for taking actions (participating in a letter campaign or a pledge or a petition, for example).
We are thinking of making the auto message editable so the creator of the action or manager of an orgs profile can at least make it sound less robotic and put some useful info in there beyond 'Hey thanks for playing".
I am guessing a lot of nonprofits may not be checking in on their various online "homes" regularly and want each contribution to be immediately acknowledged... That is why we want to offer it. Though my gut says a quick and simple personalized email is the way to go.

Don't you think there is a difference between an automated thank you that also serves the purpose of letting you know you successfully committed an action, vs. n automated message telling you a friend just bought some junk somewhere online?

Britt Bravo

Hey Beth,

The thank you isn't really automated. I can choose whether to thank you or not, whether to post the thank you to your profile or not, and whether to write a personal note with the thank you template or not.

Personally, I like that it makes it easy for me to thank people. I usually choose to post it on the person's profile so that their peeps can see what a good egg they are for joining the Cause. Of course I hope that other people will join the Cause as well. And I always write a little personal note in the automated message.

Beth Kanter


You ever the great wordsmith. I probably selected the wrong word "automated" to describe this ... more precisely integrated into the work flow is probably better.

Last year, everytime someone joined a Cause - I had to click through to the person's profile. If I wasn't friends, make friends. Then, I could write a public thank you from scratch on their wall. These work flow steps are no part of the application features which save a lot of time.


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