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Dan Taylor

Brilliant idea! Micro donations is a path that I've been advising NPO's to follow for quite a long time. The usual push back I get is the 'We're more interested in long term committed givers" (as we can forecast budgets and harvest marketing data from them).

Maybe NPO's have never seen a sizable contribution come via micro donations, but this kind of 'I have a large audience, I want to do something good' social media mobilization will open a few more eyeballs to the attractiveness of micro donations.

Laura "Pistachio" Fitton

Thanks SO much for donating AND for blogging about it. I know that structuring it this way - with a tiny ask amount and a whole new service to administer the payments - makes it inherently tougher. But I have a vision for a world where mobile social networks have an easy built-in currency for in-the-moment giving, (with low overhead fees!) and this is a step towards that.

Imagine it for public radio: hear something great on the drive to work? What if you could effortlessly tip a dollar or two in appreciation? Or tweeting your order & payment ahead to your coffee shop? Or donating to a cause during a presentation or speech that motivated the giver?

In tough economic times anything that can spread the load more evenly, reduce friction and make giving more spontaneous could go a long way towards making up some of the pinch nonprofits are feeling in this downturn.

That's my passionate vision, anyhow...

Thanks again Beth.

Jody Steinhauer

I just had a challenge. Run a donation program for the homeless and my only financial donor backed out 4 weeks ago. Crisis hit and we sent emails around to all and got in almost $30K so far. I am new at this but have been told we need to talk\meet. PLease contact me Beth.

[email protected]

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