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Gregory Ng

For the first contest of my new review site, I decided to give away a Flip Mino camera to a lucky reader. But instead of having them subscribe to my site, I wanted them to promote in a tweet, a blog post, or by adding a donation widget to their website.

Here is a link to the contest including a video of me explaining why I decided to base a contest off EpicChange instead of just promoting my website.

Jesse Stay

One more for your list - earlier this year (May) we were able to raise $10,000 in just about a month or two mostly through Twitter for the Serenity Burns family. Serenity was diagnosed with Leukemia this year, and the family, with 10 kids, was very grateful for the contributions. All funds were donated through Chipin, and deposited into their Paypal account. The promotion was via Twitter, FriendFeed, and my blog. Her site (where you can donate more) is at


Steve Bridger's contribution to London TweetUp re: fundraising project in Kenya using Twitter

Connie Reece

This is a very helpful review, Beth. One project you might want to add -- a project that included non-cash donations -- is the Austin Tweet-up Blood Drive. We turned out a record number of first-time blood donors and overwhelmed the folks at the Central Texas Blood Bank. Here is a short video that aired on our local Channel 24's Docubloggers: and a blog post that described the results:

Thanks for being such a great resource, Beth.


It's wonderful to see so many uses of microsharing for fund raising.

For our first Social Media for Social Change event in October of this year, we used Twitter as the primary conversation tool to build awareness, and ultimately raised over $20k for Jane Doe Inc, a Boston-based anti-domestic violence organization.

Beth, thanks for the wonderful writeup. I look forward to meeting you at a social media event in the near future!


It's encouraging to see so much going on - thank you for compiling all of this, it's a great resource!

John Haydon


Great post - and thanks for listing so many examples. Twitter is a powerful fundraising too precisely because of it's low "cost" to the user:

*Quick commitment - set a goal, reach it, move on
*Little gifts - and lots of them - are the holy grail

Tweetsgiving was easy. $10 and then pass hit the "RT" button in Tweetdeck.

Just stumbled.



Hello Beth,
I found a blog on twitter blog about some of your ideas. I was going to make sure to copy your url to give you credit, when I decided to also copy some of your posts. . If you have concerns (I like your thinking and want to promote you in the page) let me know. I would delete the page if you don't like what I did. Great work,
Mary MacIntyre

Farhan Rehman

Great Post Beth!
Really well written, and is a total inspiration, for helping communicate to others the value of using these tools for real fundraising :)


Good read very interesting.

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