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Anak Muda

i like your posted...

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Hi Beth,

I read the NYT article and Lucy Bernholtz's comments this morning; it's good to keep reading all the perspectives on this subject as the situation evolves. I recently interviewed Alex Counts, President of Grameen Foundation USA, and he had this to say (specifically regarding opportunities for microfinance):

"This climate will prompt everyone to prioritize and only support the most effective approaches. Microfinance can benefit from that. Microfinance is a kind of ethical version of sub-prime lending. It can show the world what happens when the poor are provided funds for investment (rather than consumption) from lenders who are incentivized the right way and who maintain a close relationship with the borrower."

His point can be generalized to peer-to-peer fundraising or philanthropy initiatives. We may see a great opportunity for the most effective organizations with the most effective approaches to benefit.

(Full text of interview here:

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