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Chris Bartlett

Thanks for this post, Beth. One of the nice things about Twitter is that it allows a nice convergence between the non-profit and for-profit worlds. I love that. So I'm looking forward to reading this report soon. (Perhaps you'll send me a copy of the shhhhhh free one.)

Stacey Monk

Very funny. Did I pass the test? ;)

Thomas Ho

I should get an advantage by being FIRST :-)

The Girl

Definitely interested in reading the Twitter report. It seems like it's every day where I find myself identifying another Twitter opportunity. But that said, not a lot or groups are ready to dive into something that seems a bit more out of reach than basic blogging (regardless of whether that's true or not). It's great to see research on this topic and hopefully the non profit world will follow with case studies of on-the-ground uses of Twitter to deliver humanitarian messages and the use of the tool to mobilize folks for good.

Thomas Ho

I'll use Laura's report to keep me 'busy' UNTIL I win the O'Reilly one :-)

Caryn Stein

Thanks for the lead here -- very timely. I'm always fascinated by the infinite ways in which people (and businesses) are using Twitter.

Beth Kanter

Thomas, looks like you weren't first! I use to select windows and we have until November 17th.

Beth Kanter

Stacey - ha! I guess so .. but more I'm testing a theory about number of words in a post ..

Windy Hovey

My org, WREN, has been tweeting for a few months to get our feet wet. Our curiosity about the potential of Twitter for nonprofits is piqued and Sarah's report sounds fantastic!


Beth, as the only one of 3 employees in our hard working organization who is even a bit comfortable with the internet beyond email, I've taken it upon myself to learn what I can. I've recently joined Twitter (PeepsHelpPeeps & Hyacinths4)and have already connected with some great people.

Best practices, pitfalls, new methods - hooray! I'll be hoping that I win a copy of Sarah's report!!

Kris Hoots

I work with small non-profits who are trying to figure out how to step into social networking. We are beginning with Facebook and LinkedIn and are now looking to get into micro blogging. Laura's report is so thorough and easy to understand. I would love to have a copy of Sarah's report most particularly to learn how micro-messaging can help "reduce e-mail and eliminate unproductive meetings."

Brian Hendrickson

I wrote one of the two, compatible, openmicroblogging-protocol implementations, and I would love to see that O'Reilly report! Am very interested to learn about how microsharing will affect business and culture going forward. I have the excerpt of the report! It's short. Anyhow, thanks for your kind offer.

- Brian

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