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Jeffrey Levy

Hi Beth. Great post! I've bookmarked it for later reference. Boy, you put me to shame. Thx for the the suggestion to play freerice with my girls - I'd seen it, but not shown it to them.

We do talk to our kids a lot about giving back, I work for EPA out of a desire for public service, and we tell our kids about our donation strategy.

We also have done three-way splits of allowance from the beginning: some for tzedaka (the Hebrew word for charity since we're Jewish), saving (where they can only take money out to buy something costing at least $20), and spending.

BTW, in Judaism, tzedaka is a little more than "give if you feel like it." It's more an obligation to be a part of your community.

Angela Stockman

What a bounty of resources you've shared here. I'm looking forward to exploring this post deeply with some of the teachers and students I'm working with this year. Thanks for including Stacy, Sarah, and Working Together 2 Make a Difference too. It's people like this who truly build this sort of spirit...largely because they inspire it. Great post.

Amy Jussel

Hey, Beth, I actually wrote a series on instilling philanthropy in kids, here are a few links you might like (I'm about to do another update for Shaping Youth soon!) Meanwhile, here are some faves for your crew:

Marketing Mindfulness to Kids: Giving vs. Receiving:

Counter-Marketing Consumption, A Kids Guide to Giving:

Shaping Youth Through Philanthropic Fun:

Enjoy! Hope you're dad's hangin' to deal w/similar scenarios this Thanksgiving. Peace and appreciation, --Amy

Amy Jussel

Oh, wait...I should add one more really cool one...The EchoAge philanthropy...for parties, giving for good...etc.

Liz Ditz

Hi Beth!

In my view, teaching children to give of their "time and talents" needs to be supported at home and at school (just like supporting literacy).

I was just introduced to a classroom-based community service/service learning network, the LEAGUE. I wrote about it here:

The LEAGUE supports individual teachers even if the whole school doesn't foster a "culture of giving".

Sean Rodman

Hi, Beth.

Terrific post! Yesterday, my four year-old daughter asked me what "charity" was. That started a pretty interesting conversation, that had some confusing detours into Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Hanukkah.

I worked for years as the director of an educational program for youth which was grounded in social justice ( The students were largely teenagers, and it never amazed me how philanthropy was a huge passion for them. And what really suprised me was the enjoyment they took from collective tasks, the sense of working together to meet a goal. So I would add to your list of parenting tips to encourage philanthropy: connect with other parents and kids who are working on the same goals. Show your kids the joys of being part of something larger than themselves.


Dorit Sasson

Hi, Beth,

Judging from these resources, there is so much that a young person can learn from. There are so many ways you've shown just in this one post how we can use our technologies for the purposes of bettering all of humankind. And it starts with our families and pervades in our classrooms. I'm glad to also see in your post a nice balance of traditional and online resources. Good job. I'm bookmarking your site for new teachers to access at the New Teacher Resource Center. I'll be visiting more often.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Dorit Sasson
The New Teacher Resource Center
"Helping You Become a Successful and Confident Classroom Teacher"


Dorit Sasson

Hi, Beth,

Since we're right on target in terms of bettering humankind, I'd like to interview you for the New Teacher Resource Center in terms of how teachers can use and manipulate social media and other information technologies with their students. If you're interested and available, could you please shoot me an email at sassondorit at gmail dot com?

Thanks in advance so much!
Dorit Sasson
The New Teacher Resource Center
"Helping You Become a Successful Classroom Teacher"

Jasmin Tragas

Beth I am simply amazed at how much knowledge you have to share, and your generosity in imparting your passion to your children and others. I'm so glad you are here on the web :)

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