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Dave Raley

The interesting thing is that according to google, this will NOT affect the search listings for anyone other than the user who promoted the site. So it isn't nearly as social as a digg or reddit, but I wonder if this is a precurser for google to begin accounting for this kind of input in their search rankings...



I've noticed this recently and think it has a lot of potential for non-profits. It looks like supporters can now have more direct influence on search indexing and rankings.


Sarah Stewart

Hi Beth

I am looking for advice or feedback for a NGO who is wanting to explore social media and how they can use it to network more effectively:

thank you, Sarah

Sarah Stewart

Hi Beth, I just re-read my request and it sounds really rude so I apologize for that. What I should have said was if you have time to pop across and give me any feedback, I'd be really grateful.

thank you very much, Sarah


@Sarah -- I didn't take as rude, now worries.

Nathan Ketsdever

The SEO community is very much a-buzz about how this means that quality, relevant, and social content may soon (whatever that means) trump links for search rankings.

Whether Google will significantly decrease the import in their algorithm placed on links for social preferences remains to be seen.

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