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Because I want to donate the book to another person that I know needs to read a book like these


"I've finally finished it and it is definitely a must-read if you are working for a nonprofit organization or outside of one and want to make sense of how online activism and online fundraising is changing."

- From the review

If you say it's a must-read, then I must read it! Sounds like a pretty good reason to me... :)


I would like the book to use as a resource - I have a non-profit background, and would like to increase my available tools in social media.

Marsha Keeffer

Very nice of you - I work with a nonprofit that pays bills for homeless people who can't get Soc Sec benefits without having a professional handle their money. I'm sure your book would be very helpful to us.

The Social Reformer

to educate, to learn, to inspire, to be inspired, to leave something to be remembered by, to influence.

Ruben Harris

Stacey Monk

Did you say free? At Epic Change, we've adopted a number of social media tools for precisely that reason, and have experienced great results using zero-cost online efforts to further our cause. I can't wait to learn the new tips and tricks Tom offers in his book - hope we win! And thanks for the contest!


Your recommendation is a big motivation! But I also work for a grassroots, very small nonprofit providing wrap-around services to adults with disabilities and extreme income challenges. I've been struggling, on my own, to learn about social networking/fundraising and other resources in order to promote and support the work that we do.
I'd love to win, but whether I do or not, feel free to check out our website at or stop by


Many of my clients are in the nonprofit sector and could benefit from the tips in this book. I have one particular client in mind that I would love to give a copy to.


The sign of a good book is when numerous trusted sources call it a "must-read". It sounds like one that would be very helpful to me in developing strategy for my nonprofit day job as well as a burgeoning nonprofit for which I am a board member and volunteer.

Ian Wilker

Because I'm always on the prowl for more and better demonstrations of positive ROI from application of social-web strategies, and this book looks like it will have a lot of them. Thanks Beth, and Tom, for offering this up!

Ari Herzog

As I focus my social media consultancy on government agencies, small business firms, and nonprofits, I can never learn enough from the experts. Thus, I'd like to express my interest in this book, and once I'm done learning, I'll pass it on similarly.

Thanks, Beth.

Thursday Bram

I've seen recommendations for Causewired a couple of places. It's definitely on my to-read list.

Robin Reagler

I would be interested in reading Causewired for new ideas and inspiration. I work for Writers in the Schools (WITS) in Houston.

Trista Meehan

Hi-- I would love to get this book for our organization, CaringBridge. I've just recently joined the non-profit world as a user experience analyst/web strategist, and this looks like this book would be a great resource for us. Thanks!

Allen Lew

I'd like a copy of the book for the Los Angeles Urban League, a 87 year old nonprofit that would like to learn more about new tech.

Nicole Brock

Our agency is currently working on a plan to develop a Web 2.0 and social networking presence. The book would also make a great addition to our special library, where we could share this book with other nonprofits!


I just started working for a non-profit, and coming from a for profit organization which was beginning to effectively use social media, I think it is very important for us to figure out how we can use it effectively. This is even more so that case as my organization has existed for a long time and I think they are missing out on many ways to reach younger generations.


I bought a Halloween shirt at Walmart on clearance the other day. It was only a buck, so I thought what a bargin! Wrong! The ink wasn't dry on the shirt. It left stains on a whole large load of laundry and all over my dryer. Fortunately, I was able to get a lot of it out, but some stuff is still sevrelly stained. Thank goodness dh almost has a degree in printing and knew how to get it out. I am ticked! I'll be emailing Walmart today.

Do not buy the My Sister's a Monster tee shirts. The ink is not dry on them!

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