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Jonathon D. Colman

What an incredible, "omnibus" presentation. I'd love to see this in person sometime. Love all the new dog photos, too. Thanks so much for featuring an example from my organization! :)

Something that I'd love to read about on your blog: what are audience's reactions to your amazing content? Are they speechless, blown away? Or do they immediately spring into action? Something else? It'd be really interesting to hear about how some of these folks have moved forward with their efforts after you've inspired them.

Beth Kanter


A couple of things. The slides are more for my preparation - and as a leave behind. I often don't get through all of them - and skip around sometimes depending on the levels in the room.

I tend to use slides as a jumping off point for discussion in the room - I always have a mix of levels. So, try to keep it at a basic level and then allow the people with more experience to share what they know.

I get a good response. I do a just three words exercise sometimes at the end - just three words about how you feel. (I get -- inspired, spinning with ideas, overwhelmed in a good way, many questions, opened eyes, etc)

That's why I always create a wiki as a leave behind with lots of resources for people and I do a reflection piece at the end re: what is one thing you will put into action. In the old days, I used to have people write that on a postcard and put in their address - then I'd collect them and mail them in 6 weeks. I do a variation on this with email.

I always get a group of folks in the room - it's getting smaller - who have never really dived into social media - heard the word blog - but just don't understand it. They are also those folks who tend to get overloaded with a lot of information. When I do a longer workshop, I usually do small groups - and let more experienced people work together on an organizational strategy - and I facilitate the group of newcomers - mostly giving them basic definitions and examples and starter steps for personal exploration.

At BlogHer over the weekend, I was teaching a basics workshop in listening - and I had different levels - so if you have a basic level presentation - and you don't add the answers - you can ask the audience to participate - that's what happened -and I'm going to track down the live blog post.

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