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Kevin Long

I think these two points are great:

1) "It’s about more than raising money"
- I think so many nonprofits are struggling that they forget that community building and stakeholder engagement is an important part of fund raising.

2) "You don’t need to be established to start"
- Old school = create a perfect master plan with lots of meetings
- New school = It all starts with one simple blog post and can build from there.

Gordon Mayer

Thanks, Beth! What's hard about community, esp. online: drawing newbies in. How much effort do we put into drawing folks in, why bother when so many are here of their own accord? Not sure yet, just thinking aloud. Anyway, nice post.

Gordon Mayer

oops, Beth is such a good monitor, just informed me she could not understand WTF I was talking about. What I meant was, a couple weeks ago I was at a workshop on social media where 1/3 the group was at "What is Social Media?" and 1/3 at "which tool works for me?" and 1/3 at "let me tell you how we're using this stuff." With our ning site, we feel the best fit is that third 1/3, but it seems like an important part of our mission is still that part where we are outfitting folks with gmail accounts. Which group should communication trainers prioritize, given our limited resources, to work with? That's the question I still have not answered.

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