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Line Storgaard-Conley

This is great. It helped me explain to my boss, what social media is, how it can be very useful when used strategically and that it does take some prep time to be effective. Thanks!


I've referenced the Einstein image many times in the past few days. It's a perfect simple way to explain to people the turnaround time on results.

I love it so much I linked to it in a blog post today too!

Great job Beth!


Its interesting to see a post about social networking and non-profit. Its extremely new thing for the people I am involved with right now, ie: mental health. I think we are more willing to socially connect online and offline too. We are also more willing to spare some pro-bono time for the causes. Though its not enough to connect with other non-profit groups to ease easier access of information through traditional or online social networking. Though with these economic hard times, I do hope we will look at these as opportunities.

Angela Connor

Beth: I would underscore listening and participating. As an online community manager, I see organizations fail miserably when trying to get their message to the masses through online communities all due to their delivery methods. The most common mistake is jumping in full blast without taking the time to learn the culture of the community to be sure that your time will be well spent one you begin to engage. So, the time factor is very important but it won't matter how much time you've set aside if you're spending it poorly. My two cents...

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