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Deb Kolaras

Beth, thanks so much for this post. I have a couple nonprofits I work with who will really benefit from this kind of information, not to mention others who always question the efficacy of social media in their business model. And yes, I will get her book, too, as it sounds like an awesome read.


I love how her message focuses on quantifying the effort -- not to PROVE the impact, but to IMPROVE the strategy. So often npos measure tons of irrelevant data for funders or Boards that have NO link back to management practice...if an npo is going to engage in social media, identifying the metrics, even creating a dashboard to monitor over time, is crucial to monitoring the implementation of the strategy - real time - and then making adjustments as necessary. I too am off to buy her book!

David Alston


Thanks for this post. And big thanks for pointing out KD's great list of 27 types of conversation is taking place in posts. I had missed that earlier - I analyze posts organically without thinking about the different aspects so the list is cool because it breaks down the process I'm actually going through.

Also thanks for asking about when organizations know they are ready for a social media monitoring platform like Radian6. Yes, KD is right - it depends on volume and what you are trying to do. The "what to do" aspects could be anyone of the 20 different reasons I've posted recently on the Radian6 blog, as an example.



I find the info on this site very informative with great feed back here . I will continue to support this site and recommend it to friends. I was at the pre-launching party in Hollywood for and they featured and recommened this site. Im glad I checked it out

Katie Paine

Thanks so much Beth! You should get a job with Cliff notes -- i've never seen anyone do a better job of summarizing an hours worth of presentation! Awesome. One correction, Jim Grunig might be insulted to think that we were accusing him of giving speeches in 1960, he's an a guru, but not that OLD a guru. :)
It was my father who said, in 1960, as pub. of Fortune, "If we can put a man into orbit, why can't we, with any accuracy, measure the effectiveness of communications. The answer is simple, if a little old fashioned. People. Human Beings with a wide range of choice, unpredictable, cantankerous, capricious and motivated by innumerable conflicting interests and conflicting desires."
Now, if that wasn't a prescient description of social media, I'm not sure what is!.. When my father died in 1990, the Internet was just beginning. Amazing how little some things change..


Awesome. Simply awesome. Measuring metrics is getting the attention it deserves!

Lani Voivod, "Content Lover" of Epiphanies, Inc.


What a post! Fantastic information. I'd say I feel like I was at the presentation with you, but honestly, I think I'm the lucky one -- you snatched out the best soundbites and most important details around the (previously thought to be) impossible task of measuring social media, and gave me a lot to hang my hat on. Thank you! This stuff isn't easy to grasp and put down in one place, and you did a superb job. Outstanding.

I especially love how we're starting to see more and more real-world examples of tangible, money-making connections and biz wins on Twitter. If I could only memorize them, I'd be able to pull them out of my pocket the next time someone asks, "Yeah, but can it make me money?" when I'm strongly urging them to stop what they're doing and join the Twitter party.

Thanks again, and good luck with your global missions! You are one amazing chick. :)

Lani Voivod
50% owner and contributor of the "A-Ha!" blog
"A-Ha Yourself!"

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