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Ashley Messick

Very interesting. I'm going to have to try this out tomorrow.

The biggest dilemma I run into is making a comment on a blog post and then not checking back in to receive any follow up comments that may have been made, either in response or just in further discussion with my comment. This way I could at least keep track of what comments I am making where so that I don't miss an opportunity to connect in discussion with someone.

Thanks for sharing!


@Ashley: Thanks for the comment. We're working on some features that will solve your problem.

@Beth: Thanks for the post.

Beth Kanter

There are other tools that can do specifically that - but I like how this lets you zero in on who is talkin about you
There are other tools with more features, but not as easy to use.



Beth - I just wanted to thank you for this post...absolute essentials of reputation management.


I really like BackType ... thanks for sharing the info.

Beth ... i would really love to have a conversation with you some day about how you 'listen' on a day to day basis. :)


Neil Williams

Hi Beth. Been reading you for a while but this is my first comment here. This is a great post: I have signed up to Backtype. (And subscribed to Chris Brogan's comments, potentially a brilliant way of discovering more great blogs on our topic - good one!)

Not sure if you're aware of me and my blog. Found you via Jeremy Gould. I have just posted a round up of listening tools at which might be of interest. Would love to pick your brains about any I have missed, and your experience of getting clients in public sector to start tuning into the online conversations.

Comment tracking is a pretty advanced kind of listening. Is it something you've been doing corporately (say: tracking comments which mention a particular organisation or issue) or just personally (named individuals, personal branding)? If the former, I would imagine it's a hard one to sell in and explain...?

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