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Ashley Messick

A surprise to read your post and see my smiling face. Always happy though to be associated with a social media guru and your blog Beth!

I definitely enjoy TweetDeck mainly for the reasons that you pointed out, number one being that it pulls up anyone who @ replies not just those who use it at the beginning of their Tweet.

I also find it useful that it gives you a large view of the person's profile pic/avatar. I think it is useful to use a real picture of you as your profile, especially if you hope to meet Twitter friends at conferences or other offline venues. I met up with @cortneym at a cafe when I was in Houston a few weeks ago. I was to meet her at a busy spot but I knew her the moment she walked in because I had seen her picture on her Twitter. We were not at that time friends on any other social media site, such as Facebook, so using her picture on Twitter was key.

I just began using Monitter as a Twitter search/moniter. You can type in three key words to the live feed and it will show you all Tweets with that word. The thing I like most, especially for community orgs, is that you can set the location. So for Blood Centers of the Pacific I will not be getting people who talk about donating blood who are in Kansas and not likely to be coming by any of our centers any time soon.

Has anyone else been experiencing problems with the "Find People" feature on Twitter? I keep getting a "Feature is temporarily disabled" message.

Michelle Lawson

One of the other things I've found helpful about Tweetdeck is the ability to delete Tweets. I've started to do a quick scan, and I remove the posts that I'm not going to act on from the Tweetdeck stream. The others that have links to check out, etc. I'll leave to explore later.

Thanks, Beth, your blog totally rocks!

Maria Reyes-McDavis Social Media

This is great Beth and your words of drinking from the fire hydrant, made me laugh. I've been a user of Tweetdeck since their inception and love it! Thanks!

Laura Norvig

So are you going to keep following those 4,393 people? Did anyone else experience this "glitch"? Sounds like an occasion for the fail whale ...

Scott Hepburn

I like the functionality of TweetDeck, especially the ability to set up a Tweet stream based on a search term, but TweetDeck bogs down still. I was running Twhirl and TweetDeck simultaneously for a while, but decided the resource crunch with Twhirl outweighed the benefits.

Thanks for sharing, Beth.

Beth Kanter

@Laura = My practice has been to "dip into the stream" for ten minutes and let serendipity connect me to someone new or a new idea. I don't think anyone can really follow every single tweet of every single follower - even if you have a lot fewer to follow.

Steve Pohlit

Hi Beth - very well done. You highlighted the features you found valuable and included the screen shot to show what you were talking about.

Thank you
The Profit Expert


Ashley, the Twitter people search seems to be temporarily down--haven't been able to access this in the past few days either.

Beth, thanks for the great post. I'm a recent user of TweetDeck & like it a lot. What really sealed it for me was when I tweeted out a question about grouping followers and the developer sent me a tweet back w/ an answer. That kind of response and help itself made me a fan.

Jeff P

Thanks Beth - I've been using Tweetdeck for about 2 weeks and enjoy the user interface much more than Twitter. I've not used the group function yet, perhaps because the one flaw for me is the desktop size needed for Tweetdeck. However I still like it, it makes it much easier to review posts by scrolling up and down as opposed to a few tweets each page on Twitter. And, don't forget - you can change the time span on Tweets received with that clever slider at the bottom.

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