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Mari Smith

Hi Beth,

Good job on assembling this array of resources!! I'm sure we'll see a big surge in Facebook Pages over the coming months as more business user catch on to their power.

I'll be blogging more about Facebook's different tools and features specifically for business purposes - I would certainly love to see a mashup between Pages & Groups as each has good features but is incomplete, in my opinion. As my comedian buddy Baratunde Thurston calls the ideal mashups: "Grages" or "Proups." LOL!


Lou Veyret

Hi Beth,

So much info collated into a great post - only problem was that the 2nd and 3rd pictures/graphs don't show up on my computer - could you provide us some links?


Beth Kanter


The YouTube Video is here:

The graphic for the fan page users is here:

Amy Jussel

Fabulous wrap up, Beth...I'm going to blog it for Shaping Youth too, as I only have a 'personal presence' for S.Y. there and haven't done the 'fan' bit OR the 'page' practice; I've just used it as an easy way to connect w/like-minded agents of change. This is SO helpful. I'm going to forward it to our global graduates too to see if they can 'post a page' and get the conversations global...THANKS!

Maggie McGary

Great post--thanks for the info! I haven't had time to check out the links yet but will definitely earmark this post for future reference.

We decided to go with pages rather than the groups for several reasons. Initially, the reason was simple--we didn't want to tie a group to a specific individual; we wanted it to be representative of the assocation. We are still working on our overall social media strategy and it remains to be seen to what extent we want to go with a more informal/personal versus a more formal/professional approach and decided that, for our demographic, probably more professional would be better.

We started with a page that specifically ties into one of our consumer awareness campaigns and are getting ready to launch an "offical" page for the association as a whole. The insights feature of the page we already have up ( is giving us an idea of what demographic is expressing interest and already on Facebook, which will be helpful as we tailor our overall social media strategy. We are also looking into using the ad feature to get our message out to more Facebook users.

Zan McColloch-Lussier

I am soooooo glad for this post! I spent goddess-knows-how-long trying to figure out how to build a FaceBook page. I am normally fairly savvy, so I felt like a complete idiot. Why does FB make it so hard?
A hundred thanks!

Steve Heyes

Thanks for the tip about integrating a group into a page. Really useful!

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