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I'm very involved with a China microfinance organization called Wokai. Our blog Wokai Adventures, falls into the light yellow category. It has become a place for founders Courtney McColgan and Casey Wilson to share their experiences in building a person-to-person lending platform to support microentrepreneurs in rural China. One lesson that we've learned is that supporters comment more actively on posts that are fairly personal in nature, that describe the steps, doubts, and challenges that go into building a new organization.

Meghan Goss

Thanks for including Wayne's blog in your list of personal nonprofit blogs and for gathering all of these other examples. This is a great resource. A lesson learned for us at the Humane Society is to keep the review process quick and limited to a small group of people so Wayne's voice and personality aren't diluted from his posts.

Tiffany Sellers

This post gives the most clearly broken-down system for figuring out what, who, when, and why a nonprofit should be blogging. I haven't yet blogged for an organization, but I hope to be doing this kind of work as a public relations practitioner after I graduate from Clemson University. Your explanations and tips have given me ideas for tailoring a blog beyond a simple effort at being media-savvy and "with-the-times" to making new media serve my intended purpose.

Beth Kanter

Tiffany, thanks for your comment. I'm hoping to flesh out the tips by type of blog - there are general tips for all blogs, but I suspect there are specifics to each type. We both owe the brilliant Nina Simon a hug kudos for such a great framework. I'm remixing this into a piece called "What Flavor Ice Cream is Your Blog?" so stay tuned

Nina Simon

Thanks so much for reposting this and for the great comments. Beth, perhaps we can work together to create a constellation of best practices around the different sub-types!

One thing I have been recommending to museums that are uneasy about blogging is to start an "institutional info" blog alongside something more niche, personal, or unusual. That way, your institutional voice is "balanced" by something traditional as you start blazing into more exciting, unfamiliar territory.

Ari Herzog

It's worth adding that the color of one's blog should be representative of its target audience. For instance, white is a symbol of purity in Western cultures but the Chinese equate white with death.

So, if you're an international organization with a significant Chinese audience, you probably don't want all-white. The Chinese view red as a symbol of power (it's in their flag, for instance) so swatches of red can't hurt.

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