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LJ Jones

I would encourage them to develop a voice for their presence on the web. This goes for the blog as well as the social network platforms they are using. Developing a voice means giving the blog a personality and attaching it to a person or group of writers. Too many companies get stuck using a blog for news, an forget that they need to provide something interesting for the reader. Talk about ideas, what you are working on, what's been difficult, but make it interesting. These things will engage the reader and allow you to connect and communicate with them and will encourage participation on the reader's part.


I'd step back further and ask "What are your priorities for your social media strategy?" Awareness of your efforts? Fundraising? Promotion of the films you support?
Depending on that answer, you can better benchmark what things are working for you. Do you know if donors come in more often from Facebook or Myspace?
Are people finding your films on YouTube directly, or via people who are embedding them on their own sites? (Who? Can you contact them)?
With your analytics, where are your referrers coming from?
Hope that helps.

Leslie Forman

I've been working on a very similar project. In my experience we have been most effective in focusing on online communities where our supporters are already active (Facebook, in our case). Recently we've attempted to build an article on Wikipedia describing our organization, which focuses on microfinance in China, but the censors deleted it. I also agree with the last commenter (howardgr) that it's important to step back and review overall priorities. Good luck!

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