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Took a look at your wiki.

In why listening is important:
I would say 'because if you want to be listened to, you first need to listen'
In what are some easy ways...
Compile a list of communities where your target market socializes online. The list may be in the hundreds so you need to be patient and build it other time.
In advancted techniques
Use sophisticated filtering (on the content published by the communities you selected)
Do it collaboratively as a team.
Use a bite/snack/eat approach when looking at content - bite= read the title/scan the post excerpt to determine the likelihood of relevance, snack=read the excerpt to further qualify the relevance, eat= read the entire post, comment etc...

Ashley Messick

I loved Ben Martin's blog post on Antisocial media (, specifically the quote: "My mom taught me that God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we could listen twice as much as we speak. Unfortunately, many seem to believe that God gave them ten fingers and two eyes so that they can type five times as much as they read."

Not only did I LOL but I then spent some time reflecting on how I use my ten fingers and two eyes, in social media contexts and in the simple use of email. How often do I respond to an email before truly understanding what the other person has said or asked for. In a time of instant communications maybe I need to more often slow down and truly digest information before jumping on the keyboard.

Ben Martin, CAE

@Ashley, glad to give you a little LOL. One of my other favorite quotes about listening: "Lurk before you leap!"

@Beth, thanks for the link! Keep talking about listening; it seems to be the piece of social media that is most frequently overlooked.

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