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I dugg this article and the Social Widgets one. I would agree we should have a category on Digg, but I don't know if we can get enough people to digg articles to make Digg think it is worthwhile.

Can I say digg any more in 1 comment?

Ashley Messick

Thanks for writing this post Beth. Now it's up to us to use all our resources to start the Digg fest :)

I think my main idea was less about the "make it to the front page" goal and more that Digg would be a great forum for nonprofits to use as a resource center for current news and changes taking place in the field. Right now I know rely a lot on bloggers like Beth and others to keep me up to date on any new happenings. While this is great I know I am also likely missing stuff because there are plenty of people who aren't bloggers but who have great articles or links or newspages to contribute that I just don't know about. Digg would be a great spot for us to all gather this information and collaboratively agree on what is really big-time nonprofit news.

Ari Herzog

A better question, Beth: Is Digg the right network? Or, like R-igg, should the focus be on another?

Erin McMahon

Yes! I never know where to put nonprofit stuff when digging stuff! Post dugg.


The digg community has changed quite a bit since I first started digging, but one of the reasons I loved it was because it was full of people looking for knowledge and interesting resources. I put NWF content on digg because I wanted to distribute our content as an education resource.

Here's the problem with giving nonprofits our own category: A very similar audience to what we already get would use it and read the content. Part of the reason i've enjoyed using digg is because it allows me to distribute NWF content in a way that allows many readers to see it. Both people that agree and disagree with our stance on things. This is just my opinion, but I see a value in learning and distributing to a larger audience and maybe getting a few new people each digging attempt to read our content.

What do you guys think?

Dan Pallotta

You should check out, which aggregates change-the-world news across all categories of human endeavor...

Benjamin Johnson

Searching for the Digg of non-profits as I type!

Beth, I'd love it if you took a look at what we're doing at

Feel free to drop us a line if you want to share ideas.

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