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Alex Steed


I don't know why, but I quite literally laughed out loud when I read this headline.



I know the feeling Beth - I have been a Treo user for 3 years. My 650 crapped out after 2 years, after which I tortured myself with a crappy flip phone for 2 months before getting a Centro (w/ palm os). The screen is a bit smaller and the buttons are tiny, but it has a full keyboard and you get used to is quickly. It is also much, much smaller and lighter than the 650 and has much better battery life. Some drawbacks, but all in all I'm satisfied.

eric hodgson

I have a Treo 700p I'll sell you. I moved to the Centro to stay in Palm.


Not sure what network you need to be on but I loved my Blackberry 8830, on VZW.
But as no longer use Exchange for mail, I gave it up for an iPhone and a VZW data modem.
I've used Blackberry for years, and they are tough, functional, and work well. In fact, when I tried a Treo for a few months, I gave it back and got a Berry instead.

(Oh, and mine is for sale, with extra battery, has all the stuff).

Beth Kanter

@eric that's the version that just crapped out on me.
@alexsteed I'm not laughing... I'm sans phone and handheld internet now 24 hrs. arrgh

Annette Schulte

Beth, I second Howard. I love my BlackBerry 8830, too. Has Qwerty you're looking for. I've never had any problems (except for my husband's concerns that it tethers me to work 24/7).


Hi Beth,

Yikes. How frustrating.
As others noted, the Centro is terrific.
I found loading it up with Chattermail (instead of the built in email program) and ListPro (instead of tasks) were big improvements. They're about $40 each, but well worth the expense.

Eduardo Bejar

Beth, considering that you're a Qik user, my suggestion is the nokia E71 with qwerty keyboard, 3.2 camera and video support. I used a Nokia E61 for two years with no problems, but it didn't had a camera. Currently I use a Blackberry Curve which I love, except for the fact that it does not support video/Qik.


Hi Beth -
Sorry to hear about your phone! Very frustrating. I currently use the Blackberry Curve (once I went Blackberry, I never went back) and love it. As mentioned, it doesn't support video - BUT, the new Bold will support streaming video and YouTube. It's coming out in September, I believe. I suggest you go with Blackberry, qwerty keyboard, cool design, great features, and I love the RIM technology.

Sue Waters

Yes I know you said it must have qwerty keyboard however you can't beat the iphone if your main use is mobile computing. My previous phone was a PDA with stylus and like you for me I wanted to keep using a stylus. But in comparison losing the stylus was nothing to the gain I get from the extra features on an iphone.

Matthew Saunders

I recently transitioned from a Treo 650 to an iPhone. For me, there were only two painful adjustments.

1) I had been using video on the Treo. Unless you jailbreak, the iPhone doesn't do video...yet.
2) I had to start using AT&T. Unless you jailbreak, AT&T is the only carrier in the U.S. that supports the iPhone.

I have lots of posts on my transition and how I'm using my iPhone here:

Chi Kong Lui

The Centro is a faster and smaller version of the Treo 650 (better bluetooth also). Since you can get it for a $100 with a contract extension, its pretty much a no brainer. The only downside is the slightly more aging Palm OS, cramped keyboard and screen was slightly tilted due to poor quality control. I'm not sure if they have resolved the screen issue yet.

If you install USB Modem, you can also use the phone as a modem for your laptop. I've recently discovered this and its been great!

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