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nice too meet you!

Paul Schneider

Beth, I was lucky enough to see Charlene speak while she was in Phoenix last week. To her point and yours, social networking is about building relationships. Just like you have 'policies' as to how you deal with relationships in the physical world, it is good to have a general plan of how you deal with people in the virtual world. Although as those worlds are converging more and more, sometimes I actually find myself being more open to connections online because of the unexpected dividends they can offer in day to day life.

Ashley Messick

You both bring up some great points in your respective "friending" policies so thank you for sharing and starting the juices flowing in my own mind. It has been interesting for me to reflect also on how my policies have changed as my use of social networks have changed. At 24 years old now, I was a sophomore at the University of Texas when I first started using Facebook. My policy then was very much centered around my highschool and college relationships. However, upon graduating I had to reconsider not only my "friending" policies but also my policies on appropriate content.

I also think that policy is definitely tied in to PURPOSE, something you both brushed on. It has definitely been something where I have had to recently sit down and redefine my purpose when it comes to social media tools so that I can improve both my online and offline networking skills. Thank you both for the tips.

Mark Dykeman


Thanks for linking out to my Mashable post about social media friends. I'm glad that you found it to be a useful resource.


Mark Dykeman

Barbara Kelly

Beth: I ditto your comments about the thoughtfulness and insight of Charlene Li. I came across her slide presentation, "The Future of Social Networks," earlier this year (link below) and think it's one of the best I've her pronouncement that "social networks will be like air" and her graphical representation of her own social network.

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