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Ed Nicholson

Thanks so much for your mention of the Bay Area hunger relief effort (and previously, the similar effort in Austin). It's really impressive to watch the engagement activity spike when people such as you with signficant networks help create awareness.
Of the hunger relief organizations we've had the privelege of working with, I'd point in particular to what Lisa Goddard is doing at the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas in Austin. See Check out their "Hunger is Unacceptable" photo submission effort, in which they actively engage stakeholders in making a statement about hunger in a very creative way.
Kudos for what you're personally doing.

Amy Jussel

Beth, this is near and dear to my heart being in the S.F. Bay Area, so I HAVE just left a post for them and DID tell 'em you sent me!

It validates that CSR can interplay with NP goals seamlessly to pay it forward in the social media realm if we all unite and align in purpose.

Thanks for the info; ironically, I'd just been voting for the Amex/hunger project via Gavin Heaton's request for Saving the Lives of Malnourished Children, and I mentioned in the forum that I'd like for them to win in 'Beth Kanter America's Giving' style! ;-)

Thanks for all you do, goddess of goodness!

Amy Jussel

Oh, yeah, here's the link to Gavin's cause...though I think their voting ends today?

Amy Sherman

Thanks for help publicize the offer that Tyson has made our local food banks. I participated in the Hunger Challenge where bloggers tried to live on $1 per meal for a week. It was a great exercise in "walking in someone else's shoes" it also raised awareness, raised money and a fantastic donation from Tyson.

Dan Michel

Beth -

Thank you for helping out many of our food banks across the nation. As Hunger Action Month comes to an end, people like you stepping up is the way that we can end hunger in America.

Dan Michel
Feeding America (formerly named America's Second Harvest)

Joe Solomon

Beth - Thanks for sharing these awesome examples of easy ways to use social media for a cause. Inspired by your post, I created a Twitter mashup -

Anyone can follow it and discover ways to take action on hunger from all over the world ...

Beth Kanter

Been getting some interesting examples of online fundraising for hunger

michael | buttons of hope

Hey Beth are you familiar with Blog Acton Day 2008 | poverty -- blog about hunger on 10/15/08 --over 4,000 bloggers ready to post on topic ..will you?

World Food Program USA

Friends of the World Food Program is using various social media to generate awareness about global hunger.
Check us out on twitter (
Facebook (
Facebook Causes (
and our new BLOG (!

Beth Kanter

Marilyn Pratt

This post and your tweet are timely. I'm off to another set of large convocations of geeks and businessy folks in a corporate setting for whom I serve as a "Community Evangelist". Those who know my presence on the corporate website know that I champion individual responsiblity around CSR topics.
I'm discovering that parellel to the official activities of my employer we can generate personal commitment through the powerful medium of stories.
Our organization works with the World Food Program and our online community members share their knowledge which translates to donations to the WFP. SAP FeedingKnowledge
The program is embedded into the recognition program of our members, which include customers, employees, partners from around the world SAP Points for Food
In addition, I travel, video camera in hand, to our various SAP TechED conferences. What I find is that there are attendees that have powerful personal stories. I'm making it my mission to link them to the formal local CSR activities of my organization and feature these stories actively on our community blogspace. Thanks so much for the work you do Beth. You are my heroine.

Marilyn Pratt

Sorry, that would be

Beth Kanter

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