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Duncan Work

Re the burning privacy issue, people have been asking for more nuances in social network platforms for a long time – including me. Enterprise customers demand them. But individual consumers who use huge free platforms don’t seem to care as much – that is, the fraction who do care is considered to be relatively small. So the thinking goes that building in more nuances and related controls would burn up engineering time and result in tools and controls that aren’t all that used.

As the ‘huge’ platforms that have so far focused on individual consumers start to run out of new ways to get revenue from individuals, they will (and have already started planning to) begin to offer more nuanced controls in order to take on more lucrative enterprise type applications.

Interestingly these more nuanced controls can be used to address all five of these burning issues.

I will cheer on any consumer-focused platform that adds them sooner rather than later. I don’t think they will be disappointed.

Rob Cottingham

Hey, thanks for the shout! I'm going to have to cartoon up that list sometime. :-)

Beth Kanter

Rob, I really need a good visual for a slide for a talk I'm doing - I hope you'll create a cartoon soon. And think of free advertising I'll give you!

Sarah Lewthwaite

Hi - I found this post really interesting, and it certainly puts many of the issues with Social Networks into sharp focus. However, I'd appreciate your thoughts on a futher point. I don't think you've mentioned potential problems with the Accessibility of networks like Facebook - particularly for people who use assitive technologies like screen readers. This can effectively lock out certain groups of people (Ability Net in the UK has published on this). Have you encountered this concern and do you have any thoughts on this area?

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