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Seth Horwitz

Wow, Beth. Awesome summary of what sounds like a great event. (As a Philadelphian, but not in the arts community, I'm jealous that I couldn't attend.)

I'm wondering about something at the end of your post. Since it wasn't explicit, I thought I'd ask... You said you asked folks to put their "email address and one thing they make a habit in the next month" on a 3x5 card. Do you intend to email them in a month to see how that habit is going? If so, it's an admirable example of post-event dedication (on your part), and could only have a positive effect on habituation (on their parts). If you've done this in the past, I'd be curious to learn how it worked.

Beth Kanter


In the olden days, I used to bring envelopes - ask people to write themselves a letter about what they accomplish in 3 months. I asked them to put the letter in the envelope and seal it - and then address it. I would collect them, put stamps on them, and mail them at the 3 month point. This is an old trainer's trick.

I use it in two ways - I try to follow up in a couple of weeks. But right away, I also email them a link to resource that will help tackle whatever they set as a goal.


Thanks for sharing this, Beth!

Really felt as if I were also a participant. Couldn't help writing things down in my notebook as soon as I get to read things that really made sense in the slides.


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