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Michael Connery

I'll throw my own blog into the mix here and say that in the realm of electoral politics (on the Democratic side), Future Majority is pretty much the only game in town.

Also, we're a group blog written of by and for Millennials and we just opened the site up to user diaries like on Daily Kos or other community sites.

Peter Gulka

While not just a blog, the Blackbaud User Society provides a community to clients of Blackbaud who'd like an alternative to the services provided by Blackbaud.

As the community manager I am on the tail end of Gen Y (1978) and work with a great group of people, many of whom are also GenY. We work together within the community to spread awareness of waht peopel can do with their Blackbaud software in order to get the most out of it.

As someone who has just turned 30 I think my youth brings with it an impatience with the establishment of Blackbaud - at least how it was run when I started the Scoiety. I knew that there was a great opportunity for people to do more with their tools and they just needed a better way to communicate with each other. By helping each other we are hleping our orgs run more effiecently, and effectively and that helps change the world.


Katherine Orr

Thank you so much for including my blog on your list! I feel so honored to be part of the group and it's good motivation to keep up the blogging!

Stacey Monk

Thanks for including Epic Change on your list! I wish I were 20-something ;)

- Stacey

Jon Ray

Enjoyed going through this list, as there were quite a few bloggers that I had never read before. I am 24 and currently writing at on Marketing, PR, Social Media and Creating Compelling Video Content...

...but I'm working closely with designer, Ashley Heathcock of My Charms for Charity ( and we are putting together a blog that highlights the charities she's working with, the progress of her project, how her school loans are slowly being paid off and why it was important to her to have a business model that gave back to the community that has helped her so much. It is certainly an interesting read and I wear a different charm every day, because they are stylish and I know they represent young people giving back.

Anyhow, enjoyed the post! ;)

Channing Rodman

Beth, this is such a great list! Thanks a lot for compiling it. One of the best things about it is the response it's generated - looking at how many people my age are working on non-profit/internet intersections is really inspiring.

My brother (Gen X) and I (Gen Y) run a Canada-based blog that looks at social change, non-profits and the internet. We range from non-profit online infrastructure how-to's to looking at online social activism (like Jane McGonigal's work on ARG gaming for change!) You can check us out at

Looks like you really brought together a community here!


Thanks so much for mentioning Kim Carpenter Drake's post on Gen Y! She is a consultant for the Center for Nonprofit Management. Since I am a twenty something, and I mantain the blog, I try to post info on working with people from different generations. This list is really great!

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