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Nathaniel Whittemore

Hi Beth,

Great list and one I haven't come across before. I'm just a few years out of undergrad at Northwestern University (where I now work running the Center for Global Engagement - and blog at

Keep your eyes out for more and more of my peers who begin think of their 'careers' as portfolios of activity that include normal 'career' desires as well as integrated efforts towards social change. I bet more of us will begin to use personal blogs as part of this 'portfolio.'

Thanks as always for your writing

Alex, aka Socialbutterfly


Thank you for including my blog. I also want to point out some others. Brazen Careerist is a blog aggregate/network for millenial bloggers on a range of topics. They have bloggers organized by topic. There is a topic for both 'activism' and 'non-profit' that lists many of the leading 20-something bloggers. One that I would def. add to the list is Rosetta Thurman at Perspectives from the Pipeline.

Great post!

Chas Grundy

Great list - I'm already subscribing to a bunch of these, and adding the others right now. Excellent idea!

I'm a twenty-something... I started my blog a few months back after I realized my non-profit posts were overtaking my normal blog. Now it's the focus of my blogging. I write about my "learn as I go" experiences in a very small non-profit - marketing, fundraising, strategic planning, etc.

Ivan Boothe

Hi Beth! This is a great list. I definitely second a lot of these blogs and the Social Citizen paper. You've hit most of the people I would suggest, the only one that occurs to me is Michael Silberman at EchoDitto, one of the veterans of the Howard Dean campaign and the original co-organizer for NetSquared DC. Admittedly he doesn't post as often as I'd like him to. :)

Also while she's not quite a Millennial (she was born in 1977), danah boyd's writing is, I find, pretty useful in exploring the social implications of online social networks, implications that she definitely connects to social justice, if not to nonprofits, on a regular basis.

I also do blog about these issues as well, such as my most recent post, "Just what kind of social change are you interested in?"

Thanks as always for your work in collecting and furthering resources!



Thank you so much for including me. I will be sure to add these to my feed reader. I have been looking for more Gen Y changemakers because I would love to feature them on my blog. I will be sure to check in here to see the suggestions in the comments.

Maddie Grant

Beth, this list is awesome and I plan to post a pointer to it on my blog! Thanks! But does it matter that Lindy and I (although she is younger than I am) are firmly planted in Gen-X...? : )

Lynn from

Hey Beth, wonderful list. One of my fave blogs advocating for change in health and environmental policy is Enviroblog. I *think* Amanda at Enviroblog is Gen Y!

Michael Waugaman

If I read this right you're not just looking for female gen-y bloggers so I thought you might want to consider adding Tim Davies ( here in the UK to the list?

Andre Blackman

Thanks again for including me Beth! Always a pleasure :)

Heather Carpenter


Here's a link to my new blog

gen Y about Nonprofit Leadership with an academic twist.



Sam Davidson

This is a great list and is only getting better! I second the need to highlight Brazen Careerist.

And, here's a piece I penned recently about nonprofits and Gen Y...look for more as I continue to lead workshops on the topic.

Beth Kanter

@heather .. I had a case of social media alzheimers .. slap me .. you're on the list now

Joe Solomon

What an awesome list - I can't wait to explore and discover new bloggers @ the intersection of social media and social change. Thank you!

At, I blog about my experiences spearheading and contributing to social change mashups (like the Knowmore Extension and the DonorsChoose WordPress Plugin) and working with nonprofits on online strategy.

Geoff Livingston

Thanks, beth. It's an honor to have Qui on the Buzz Bin writing about Social Causes. This is the best use of social media that I can think of, and thus our editorial focus on the topic.


This is such a comprehensive list and enormously helpful. Thank you. My reader has just picked up some good ones! Another category that I think overlaps here is blogs that address social issues. I think these are interesting because they put into action some of the concepts talked about in the nonprofit marketing or nonprofit tech blogs. At our organization we've been trying this out with two blogs. One focused on social issues affecting our region (foreclosures, early education, youth violence etc)and one focuses specifically on providing youth with better options and adult guidance. They are:

Both started by bloggers in their 20 somethings. I blog on the first along with several others.

Outside of our organization, I've also liked "Do you stand for something" a blog on cause marketing, which I believe has some young bloggers.

Thanks again... this is really useful.

Jordan Viator

Thanks for taking the time to pull this list together, Beth! Like the others who commented here, I plan to add the blogs here that I don't already follow to my RSS.

Though it's a group blog, and I don't know if it fits the bill for what you are looking for, Connection Cafe has a significant number of Gen Y bloggers - Taylor Shanklin, Misty McLaughlin, Brandy Reppy, Lacey Kruger and I are all in Generation Y and blog on technology and Web 2.0 for nonprofits (coincidentally all women). There are also a good number of contributors who are right on the cusp of this generation in their early 30s.

Looking forward to reading the continued comments with new blogs to read!

Lindy Dreyer

I honestly don't know if I'm X or Y--I identify with both groups fairly well--still, I'm definitely psyched to be included on this list. There's no doubt that the combination of young, female and nonprofit produces a unique voice. I'm proud to be among these women for as long as I can hold on to my youth. ;-)

Thanks, Beth!


I realize the focus here is in social change, but I wonder if you can point me in the right direction for blogs about local community nonprofits? I was just talking with my mom, who heads her historical association, about the value of social media in getting her publics more involved. They do a lot of outreach into the high schools with a great forensics program (, and I think the passion of those kids could continue after the program if they had a good way to keep the dialogue going. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Amy Sample Ward

Great list, Beth! I'm honored to be on it and happy to represent :)

Christopher Scott's blog on nonprofit leadership should probably get added as well.


Amy Sample Ward

It would be helpful if I put in the link, would it? :)

Beth Kanter

@amysampleward thanks for the pointer to new blog. Trying to be inclusive with this list!

Beth Kanter

@lynne - try this

Kari Saratovsky

Beth, per usual you've done your homework and have made it easy for the rest of us! Thanks for the terrifically thorough list and the shout out and link to Social Citizens we'll be sure to solicit our readers for their suggestions.

Julia Smith

Beth, this is so exciting! I feel extra motivated now to get my group blog off the ground. Hope to be back with a URL soon. :)


This is a great list! I write a bit about activism on my personal blog, and will be doing more of it soon (highlighting current causes/campaigns, non-profits that I like, etc.).

BUT, the more exciting news is that an organization I work with, The Women's Mosaic, is going to be launching a blog this September that is written by Gen Y and is about our experiences, our work, connecting with other non-profits, and reflecting on the power we hold and potential we have (rather than the negative "you can't do this, you're too young" message).

I look forward to checking out all of these!

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