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Alicia C. Staley (@stales)

Thanks for compiling this list. I will go and vote right now. As the executive director of a small non-profit, I feel there's alot of great material here that my team could benefit from. Thanks for your efforts to put this together.


Two thoughts - first, do you sleep? Ever? How did you get this posted so fast!? Wowza. And thanks for the link!

Second - it is SO GREAT to see such a strong showing of panel submissions for nonprofits. Given the size of the community, it's nice to see more representation in the submissions. Now we have to get these panels into the big show!

Thanks Beth!


Ted Fickes

Thanks for putting this together. Amazing. I'd heard from Hugh Forrest that they saw a lot of non-profit panel ideas this year. Little did he know.

Some info about one I submitted...

We Are Media: Non-Profit Communications in the 2.0 World
The death of traditional media is old news to some but has left non-profits and advocacy groups without familiar platforms for distributing information. How do organizations successfully distribute facts and data in the media-rich but journalism poor world? Can (and should)non-profits become news sources themselves?

Sarah Davies

I'm doing a panel on ACLU-WA's Drupal redesign!

Deb on the Rocks

Hi, I come from a non-profit & gov background, but my topic isn't NGO stuff.

I thought you might also be interested sharing links to marginalized community prezzies, though. Mine is on the Queerosphere, and I'd love support from allies!

R andi Sumner

I found it annoying that I had to input non-profit and nonprofit separately to get the full list. It'd be nice if we could solve that problem -- wouldn't it? Being the asociation person, I searched for not-for-profit as well and found an interesting session that would rate a "5" from me.

However, searches on "trade association" and "professional societies" did not yield anything. I did manage to find a few other interesting items via searches with "strategy" "planning" and "tools."

The most interesting thing for me as a former conference planner was the voting tool itself and how simple it was to use.

Thanks for the link and the conference info -- now to see if I can swing attending....


This is great a great panel. I was lucky to have met Erica O'Grady this year at Mashable's Social Media Camp LA. I believe that more people will be turning to the nonprofit sector as things change.

Nisha Thompson

The Sunlight Foundation has submitted three panels. We would love your support for them:
Coding for Civic Participation:
How the Internet is Transforming Governance
What your Startup Can Learn from Barack Obama and Howard Dean


Global Underground: Youth, New Media, and Social Change

This panel explores how digital technology is affecting social change on a global scale from three angles: advocacy, art, and media.

Lauren Andrews

It's such a pleasure to read through all of the great non-profit ideas out there on the panel picker. It seems like it's been a busy year and people have a lot to share.

We've submitted two panels, both with a focus of quality online relationship building, through social networks.

How can we connect people and keep them engaged? Are customized networks the solution? What does this world look like beyond Facebook?

The second is similar, with a focus on mentoring relationships and how social networks are strengthening relationships, while maintaining flexibility.

Many thanks!

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