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Annette Schulte

Beth, I'm loving the mashup of information here and the work you're doing. I look forward to reading the completed module series. I plan to mine its insights!

Becky Carroll

Beth, great stuff! I plan to share it with my students (I teach a class at UCSD on Marketing via New Media) as a discussion point around communities. Thanks!

Rachel Happe

Hi Beth -

Thanks for riffing off of this - the tools and frameworks you are developing on the WeAreMedia wiki for non-profits is great and please consider me happy to help. Just had a fascinating conversation about building communities (and societies) with a political science professor last night and the structural cross over between the government, non-profit world, and the corporate world is merging...and one could argue, should probably merge more quickly to take advantage of the decision-making speed in traditional hierarchies involve the entire community in ways that are only scalable through technology.

Keep up the interesting conversation and thanks for the reference!


R Sumner

Very interesting thoughts. I have 20 year old memories of a college sociology class filtering through my thoughts now. I will have to ponder this further.

Barbara Clarke

Beth - I totally get what you are saying, but the graphic doesn't work for me. I would imagine that a more helpful graphic shows more flow, arrows and that sort of thing. I see maybe some circles or something.

Beth Kanter


Why don't you remix it? Would love to see what you come up with.

Rachel Happe

Would love to see a remixed version...this is already someone else's version of what I had originally done so still a work in progress!


Tangent Alert!

I know I am merging with a long and thoughtful conversation, but here goes ...

Factor: degree of intimacy or alignment

There are situations where I feel or long for "we" - and others where I perhaps feel allied, but not at the center. Shouldn't the ecology span that range?

Perhaps a Stage 5 with a larger "tent" than we. We and our Allies?

To my thinking this includes and transcends We

Michelle Lyons

Beth - I think that your article touches on some of the key issues that government needs to address before embarking on any online engagement exercise.

From my experience, the issue for centeral government is the inability (generally speaking) to move away from traditional consultation processes, which feeds into the decision and policy making processes, to a more open, transparent and fluid discussion about the development of policy. Thus, there is a tendency to opt for engaging with social networks instead of online communities.

I would be keen to get your and the groups thoughts on what constitutes a good engagement strategy as I'm in the process of developing one for the department I work for.

: )

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