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Alex, aka SocialButterfly

Thanks for the article Beth! The moment I heard about Alex's mission, I was estatic. I've added a link to this article on the Changeblogger event page under media coverage. =)

Alex, aka SocialButterfly

The Oct. 15th event is still developing as we hope to make a big night for Alex, changebloggers and DC, esp. since DC is the capital for change!

Alex Steed

Beth -

I can't thank you enough for the mention and for the donation.

Also - hopefully folks will take a look at the dates on the tour website and consider sharing with me who I should visit in each of the locations. In many of the places, I've nailed down interview subjects, but I am always willing to meet more.

And to keep costs low, I'll be couchsurfing (figuratively, via the site, and quite literally, via couches) my way across the US. If you have a place I can crash at, please bring it on.


Beth Kanter

Alex: Set up a wiki for that

Britt Bravo

Hey Beth,

I just set up a Changeblogger Nework on Ning so it's easier for folks to connect. Facebook is fun, but can be limited in that respect:

Alex Steed

PBWiki donated a wiki to the project -

I certainly will do so.

Qui Diaz

Alex - I have couches and know people who have couches. Excited to be part of your DC welcoming committee!


So cool to see you mention Alex. I worked with him at a student leadership seminar in May...he is an amazing man and I'm thrilled to see people connecting with him and his passion. Hope to see you in Maine soon, Alex!

Amy Jussel

Beth, as always, you lead the way. Just signed up for Britt's Change Blogger group on ning too...and posted Youth Innovator Awards as an 'event' (will blog it on Shaping Youth soon along with this meme!)

So if you know any 18-25 innovators needing $5000-30,000 in $$$$, send those changemakers to the HASTAC/DML competition! (educators are encouraged to mentor and nudge bright ideas) More here:

I'm goin' for the 'participatory learning' one re: some virtual world informal knowledge, so wish me luck, and spread the word and give a boost to those youthful agents of change out there...they've gone international this round at MacArthur Foundation, so maybe some of your Cambodia connex? Best, Amy


I am a change blogger too .

Please feel free to check out my project
Project Love is a multi-faceted project that includes Art clubs, Zine Workshops, free space for self expression , affinity groups, etc.
I myself, am a musical artist that enjoys to help others be able to express them selves constructively .

Alex Steed

Jonathan -

Love zines, man. That's how I started all of this. Zines are my Alpha and Omega.

Where are you located?


Alex Steed

Oh! Jonathan! You reached out to me via Couchsurfing yesterday.

Amy Jussel

Couchsurfing? Love it. I should do a feature on how you two connect on Shaping Youth, re: 'virtual handshakes' and intimacy from souls, etc.--Very cool. A.

Cathy Davidson

This is a fantastic community of participatory learners and social networkers. We think you will want to know about the new $2 Million Digital Media and Learning Competition. Focus: Participatory Learning
Deadline: October 15, 2008. Two categories: Innovation in Participatory Learning Awards ($30,000-$250,000) and Young Innovator Awards, 18-25 year olds ( $5,000-$30,000). Full information at: Help spread the word!

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