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Joe Solomon

Wow Beth - I really like how you weaved this post together and found connections between the FrozenPeaFund, Leah Jone's campaign, & the new social actions widget. We're really all in this together!

Connie Reece

Great inspiration, Beth. I'll be following Leah's progress. One of the things we have decided to do for the Frozen Pea Fund is to encourage as many people as possible to get involved with walks, marathons, races and events for breast cancer awareness and fundraising. We'll be making some donations to friends of our online community who make the commitment to projects like this. At lunch today I met someone associated with the Susan G. Komen foundation -- so it's a nice treat to wind up my day reading about Leah's training for the walk.


Wow! Beth, I'm so flattered that you wrote about my walk. Today blew me away. Despite spending the last year singing the praises of Twitter and using it to raise funds for Pilcrow last year, I've never been on the raising side for something like this.

In one day I raised over $1000 with my community. I'll be writing more about the training and fund raising experience and will check out that widget.

Thanks for the great post!

Peter Deitz

Hey Beth, Thanks for mentioning the new social actions widget.

Did you see that we got booted off Digg? Apparently nonprofit technology doesn't count as technology -- according to the Digg community. I'm always surprised when I step out of my nptech bubble to see how much disinterested the for profit tech community is in what we're doing in nptech.

Next month's web 2.0 NYC will hopefully change my mind. I like to think that techies of all stripes would be interested in how technology can be leveraged for dogooder projects.

Good to know we have a community unto ourselves for the discussion -- end rant.


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