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Sue Cline


Done! Also, you might want to update the post with a link to Chip In since it isn't coming across via my rss reader.

Have fun at Gnomedex!

Beth Kanter

Sue, thanks so much for your support. I added the link!

Marjorie Chimes


Have you ever heard of The Cambodia Children's Fund Mission. I learned about it from an amazing yoga leader Seane Corn. It might of interest

Dana Lookadoo

Happy to be able to help. Learned of your quest through Chris Brogan and Twitter!

Rick and Rebecca Bucich

Just made a donation - heard through Chris Brogan as well.

Cassie Wallender

Happy to donate and tweet about it, Beth. Thanks for speaking at Gnomedex and good luck to Leng at college!

Cheryl Smith

Happy to help from Virginia and online via Twitter and Facebook. Great, inspiring presentation. Wonder how many students you'll end up sending??


Why is this working? Probably because Beth suggested a concrete dollar amount instead of just asking us to donate. Relevance and the power of suggestion are nice :) It took three other tweeters before I decided to jump on the donation bandwagon...

Hank Thiele

Heard it through Chris Brogan via Steve Dembo - social networking does good -> you won't hear about this on the evening news

@ahg3 (Arthur Germain)

Great idea and execution! I heard from Chris Brogan.


Just made a donation and tweeted, heard through @marshallk

Qui Diaz

Let's keep going.

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