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mildred garfield

Hi Beth

Thanks for the birthday wishes. If I receive them before, during or after my birthday they are always fun to receive.

Nice post about Steve and me. ;-)

John Mullaney

Hey Beth

i did not realize you know my wife, Barbara Sawhill of LanguagelabUnleashed. Barbara has gotten me into blogging which I find cathartic if nothing else. I run a family foundation called The Nord Family Foundation and we have been keenly interested in supporting nonprofit organizations to make better use of web-based tools. One project we started is called Ideasunleased which has had fits and starts. The group there trains nonprofits on the use of web 2.0 and sets up blogs, wikis and websites. It has been a struggle. Time seems to be a huge factor for many directors who are burdened with running programs, raising money and trying to engage their boards. I am curious to know how you get nonprofits to find the time to "push" the social networking tools once the platforms are set up. I find we have too many cases where a beautiful website is set up - blogs, wiki's and even audio feeds, but it dies because they do not have the time to feed it. I feel sometimes we are giving adults the equivalent of a webkin, and they don't feed their pets!

I just started my own blog called The Civic Fabric which is a set of musings about philanthropy and its role in the larger civic society. I would love to hear your thoughts (and thoughts from your readers) on the issues I bring up. It can be a place where nonprofit leaders can give a philanthropoid some advice!


ken thompson

Hi Beth

You are doing amazing work here - let me know if I can help in anyway.

FYI Swarmteams has a new baby SwarmTribes ( which is designed to enable causes (eg music, campaigns, education) to collaborate with their supporters in a new, more intimate way. Our current focus is UK but looking for opportunities to take it global.

Best Regards


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