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Qui Diaz

Thanks for passing the mic, Beth! I look forward to getting better acquainted with other 20-something change bloggers through your interview series. It really is an honor to be included among the likes of folks whom I admire so greatly. Thanks for spurring all of us on.


Lynn from

Very nice interview with the beautiful (inside and out) Qui. It's great to see people coming together to harness the power of social media for the greater good.

I'm glad Qui gave a commercial example to show what non-profits can do.

I've been struck by how long it takes some non-profits to adopt the latest commercial marketing approaches. I noticed a bit of this at the Bridge Conference and again here, where Qui says, "Weren't we all just breaking through into email marketing 4 years ago?" I don't know, but I was doing email marketing in the tech sector way back in '97. (Just blew my cover- I'm definitely not Gen Y!)

Non profits need to look at what's working in Corporate America and adopt best practices. Marketing is marketing - whether it's for Internet routers or social change. We can't afford not to have our leading non-profits use the best tools available to them - there's too much at stake in the world.

Keep up the good fight!

Kyle Lacy

Hey Beth.
Great post.
One quick thing though: Qui link did not work for her blog. Evange.List.

Barbara Kelly

Beth: Thank you for this profile of Qui, who I first met at a ForumOne Communications seminar "Social Sites for Social Good" earlier this year. Of the two blogs I read religiously, Beth's Blog and Evange.LIST are tops in the social media/nonprofits/technology mix. Btw, I hope you won't mind if I circle back on a comment I made on your August 4 posting, NPTech Roundup. That is, to request a quick update to change "ammando" spelling to "ammado" ( Very very much appreciated since EVERYONE pays attention to what you post. Thanks!

Qui Diaz

Kyle - that was my fault for not double checking the link!

Thanks Lynn & Barbara for your kind words!

Beth Kanter

Ah, Barbara - fixed it. Somehow the name is easy to mess up for dyslexics like me! Stuff that spell check doesn't catch ... but thankfully I have readers who good copy editors.

Jake Brewer

And also... Qui is awesome. Just in case people weren't completely clear, it needed to be put out there.

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