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carla arena

Hi, Beth,

Dipity is certainly a very powerful tool that can be used in many settings. Take a look at one an Australian friend prepared with his life, photos, feeds for a Chatcast I've been moderating with a friend every month.

Here's the podcast:

I just loved the visual aspect of Dipity together with Mike's voice. Transformational!

Vicki Davis

I've used dippity but have never thought of this! What an incredible idea for a visual tracker of student participation. I heard an amazing researcher from Harvard, Chris Dede, talk about the need for pictoral data mining to add meaning to the rich output from wikis, etc. This is it for me! I plan to use this with my class wikis and the flat classroom project - so so cool!


What perfect timing! Beth, thanks so much for this post! I am getting ready to carry out my Master's action research with my 6th grade science students this fall. My research pertains to the impact the collaborative nature of wikis has on science concept mastery. Using Dippity in this way will certainly add to the depth of my data and research findings. I appreciate you sharing this great idea!!

Art Titzel

I meant to comment earlier but better late than never, I guess. Thanks for sharing how we can all use Dipity to track our contributions on wikis, twitter, blogs, etc... This feature truly makes Dipity more engaging. Having online collaborative timelines are great in and of themselves, but being able to create personal social networking timelines enable us to view our contributions in a whole new light. To me this could be the best new tool this year. Again, thanks for sharing.

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