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Wow, thanks, Beth. This looks like just what I need. I will try it over the next couple of weeks and let you know if my productivity improves. I hope so, it's been hard to keep up these past few weeks.

Chris Brogan...

The way I'm using Zemanta is just to find other posts that might be of interest to people reading the post I've written. I don't use the photos feature, nor do I use the other features. But I like it for what it does, and I'm happy it's installed.

My flow is probably a lot more organic than most because my blog isn't really built to serve a business solution. It's basically there to educate, communicate, and share. But I could see a flow being more useful to people who have more professional needs.

I might blog something about that.


Thanks for the tips on your blogging flow. I follow a similar process and I too have heaps of stuff in draft. I use Zemanta as a sort of addition - sometimes it takes me in a new direction, sometimes it provides a bit of extra reading. I also really like that for the names of businesses it just lets you click to link, same for wikipedia info.

Mike Sansone

I use Zemanta in several ways, especially for links to related posts. I've also noticed clients appearing in some of those related choices. Good for audience, good for author. The image choices are also a time saver!


Hi Beth! Great post about how the z tool affects the blogging workflow. I'm curious what you'd think of Apture, which also affects the workflow but offers a more user-directed approach to finding media you might want to link, and make it one-click easy to pick the best stuff. Take a look at the demo at and let me know what you think. (Disclosure: I am a co-founder of the company... I just thought you'd find it interesting).

All the best,

Jure Cuhalev

Beth, it seems that you are trying to use Zemanta differently as we envisioned. Our vision is of a tool that transparently suggests things to you while you write. We don't try to suggest what to write, but instead try to say "these things might enhance your post", through links, images or tags. Related articles work a bit differently, one way is to provide additional pointers to your readers, but they can be also used as a brainstorming tool while writing.

I'd be also interested in hearing what you mean by lack of template flexibility? If you mean image insertion, we're working on improved image gallery with multiple-image insertion, easier alignment and similar.

Regarding copyright of the images, we make sure that we only suggest you images that should be OK for your blog. This means that when showing images from Wikipedia or Flickr, we make sure we select only Creative Commons and other free images, together with clear description of license. In case of Getty images via Daylife, we made sure these images are licensed for use on blogs, as long as proper attribution is set. If you worry about any specific image, I'm happy to take a look and I'll then work with out team to make sure we either filter these kind of images or to label them differently, if it seems as non-free.

Hopefuly, this clarifies the questions you raised regarding Zemanta. I'd love to continue this conversation on how we could change the tool to help you with your blogging. Either in private - [email protected] or publicly on our forums (or just through comments/blog posts).

Jure Cuhalev, Zemanta

Hilary Mason

Just came across your post and found it interesting. I haven't yet tried Zemanta so will give it a go to see if it helps at all. I find that as I am writing predominantly about my work experiences and social policy I tend to write about the everyday that I am experiencing. ( I am still relatively new to all of this.) I am finding as I progress that I mull over some topics in my head and then work out which ones might be of more interest to my professional community. However, thanks for the ideas and I will try and incorporate some of them in the future.

Web Design Company USA

Great post. However, I prefer writing my blog posts first in word, spell check them and then copy paste them in the blog. I am not comfortable with using tools as I feel they will hamper the flow of my thoughts.

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