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Judi Sohn

We moderate comments on the C3 blogs. Yes, we're concerned about trolls, but we're also concerned about folks who will leave detailed questions about their personal medical situations.

We don't edit comments for "length or clarity." If we publish a comment, we publish it as written and will only edit out foul language or personal contact details.

Beth Kanter

What is your concern? Is it because of privacy details or because you can't have people exposing their medical details and other people providing medical advice? I'm not disagreeing just trying to understand it .. enlighten me?

John Proffitt

ALWAYS moderate comments or similar participatory services. ALWAYS. Don't put up a site and leave it open. Yes, spam is a problem, but that's nothing compared to one or more people determined to take down the quality of your site several notches.

Never EDIT comments. Approve or reject only. As soon as you edit, you've given up your Safe Harbor rights and take ownership of the content of all comments.

If you care enough to open the conversation, care enough to stick around and participate. You're playing host here. Who starts a party and then walks out, never to return, leaving the guests to their own devices?

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