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Martha Garvey

"If only we humans could learn to smell better."

The peed-upon tree as the ultimate Facebook for's very apt.

Stewart Mader

Hi Beth!
The short answer is that dogs have been doing this for quite a long time, and have a pretty brilliant system for communicating who they are and where they've been. I see it in action every morning when I walk my dog, and he has a specific set of plants, posts, and a fire hydrant (of course!) where he has his location.

I've been amused by all the recent buzz around "location-based social networks", especially with the launch of the iPhone 3G and third party apps. People have been speaking as if this is such a new phenomenon, but I think that dogs everywhere must really be amused by how far ahead of humans they are on this!



what a great metaphor for LBSN! I'm going to listen to it now, thanks!

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