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Paul H

David Head at BRPS in the UK might be interested in this - he blogs here - he's a former colleague at ruralnet and I'm sure would like to share any experience with our friends down under

Beth Kanter

Thanks Paul - fighting blindness social media style! Love it.


The "throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks" attitude is important in exploring new terrain with new audiences. Play.

There are some fundamental things that I think are at the heart of good community development work and difficult to communicate (chime in on others):
- change over time
- human impact (cost of no action, benefits of action)
- the nature of relationships

Using flickr to document building a playground was motivated by wanting to help our students and others "see" change over time -- How did our parking lot change to have hills, tunnels and a stream?

I love the idea of collecting people's favorite visual memories - great idea. Overall, seems some of the things Retina Australia wants to illustrate are:

1. This disease changes kid's lives
- Video that mirrors the loss of sight that people experience?
- Replace images on your site of animals with images of kids?
- Share authentic voices of kids and families directly - short stories, direct quotes, photo journals
- How would you describe __________ to someone who can't see it?

2. Lots of people in lots of places are effected
- A map of those effected?
- Show VOLUME. Lots of faces or dots or quotes or whatever. Allow people to upload their own?

3. The effects go beyond individuals to whole families
- A map of a family that notes of how the disease impacts each member uniquely

4. Solutions are within reach (sense of urgency).
- Ways to describe the progress of compelling research and make it interesting?
- Timeline to indicate progress and what is left to accomplish?

Important work. Best of luck.

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