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Ruby Sinreich

Well this is an interesting conundrum. Personally, I'd like to get away from the word "media" as I think it makes people think of newspapers and maybe TV instead of thinking about public communication, which is what I think it's really about.

I hope the new title can emphasize the point that we can no longer sit around and hope that our message gets conveyed to the public and to our constiuents. That's our own job and we have the tools to do it.

Here's my contribution to the brainstorm:

Talking nonprofits
Nonprofit voices
Modern communication for nonprofits
We are the ones we've been waiting for
Community communication
Communimedia guide
Communicating your message, building your community
Lift ev'ry voice

Walt Campbell

Have you considered "Wedia" - as in, "media that we create -- and consume -- together"?


Putting the Me in Media
Can't Have Media w/o ME!

just thinking. :)

LaDonna Coy

Hi Beth and all --

Wow, what an incredible, creative list and number of choices we have. I wonder how many additional ideas will pop up as a result of scanning the list?

Ruby hit on a term that is interesting and a terrific combo, Communimedia. It comes up in a web search as .com here, as .net here but doesn't come up at all as .org or .biz. Nor do any books come up with the title, at least not on amazon. Not sure where one would find the soon-to-be published list?

Let us bemedia?

Is there someone reading this who speaks a language other than English who might have a suggestion for a word(s) that describes what this is all about? I often find the most beautiful and meaningful words come in languages other than English! Having a second language brings an unique richness.

Hmmm ... What if we don't have a descriptive name but perhaps a novel or unique or strangely memorable one?


We the Media?

I see similar things to that on the list (We Are the Media), and I could be missing that one, but it would make for a much easier transition!

Tony Molloy

A few more for the pot...

Beth eMedia :)

Your CoNTENt
Make CoNTENt
Create CoNTENt

Your Story
It's Your Story
Be the Story
Tell your Story

Media NotePad
NP Tales
NP Stories
NP Media

Beth Kanter


That's hilarious!! Beth emedia .. :-)


Hi Beth,

I came to your blog from Twitter. You've had lots of good suggestions for your project---the first name that popped into my head was MediaSneeze... or SneezeMedia.

Good luck with choosing a name. :-)

Lucy Hooberman

You could consider an overall name for the whole project etc
"the community is the curriculum"
"nfpstories "
or "story community" or something generic

then have individual project names such as
social media for beginners
social media for newbies
abc of social media etc

sorry to be complex - but it's very hard to find one name to encompass everything and you may have lots of future projects..

just a thought!


I am Media
We are media

Morgan Sully

I'm not sure if a name had been chosen yet or if this was the best place to post (also posted on the wiki), but:

How about:

The Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits

I think a clear, minimal language without too many accoutrements would be the most effective.

Maybe too user interface geeky, but I think the title should be thought of as the 'log in' form/link to the curriculum - concise and you have a pretty good idea of what you'll get by following the link.

If we're wanting this to be adopted by a wide audience of people...

JD Lasica

I think straightforward is best here, so:

Social Media for Social Change
Social Media Starter Kit for Nonprofits
Social Media for Nonprofits
The Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits

We Media has a different connotation.

(And my friend Steve Rubel is wrong about "social media" and "media" being the same. Not for a generation, at least.)

Scarlett Swerdlow

My organization is in the midst of a re-branding initiative, and I feel I've learned a few lessons about names and tag lines. Our experience with testing and focus groups is that concise and obvious is almost always better than cutesy, clever, or jargon-laden. I love a lot of the suggestions from an artistic and creative standpoint, but I worry they'd have minimal impact on many, or ever worse, cause confusion.

One of the specific words we tested in testing tag lines was "empowerment." (We're a statewide arts advocacy and service organization BTW.) Many people reacted negatively to the word. They thought it was too academic and trendy.

So, consider this another vote for simple and obvious. I like "Nonprofits and Social Media Tool Kit" or "Social Media for Nonprofits."

Maybe we even want to avoid "social media" and go with something like "Nonprofit Web Toolkit."

Scarlett Swerdlow

PS @Tony - When I first read Beth's posts about the project, I thought the tag actually was Beth eMedia. Took me a bit to have the light bulb moment : )

Mike Domingo


I am media(or I'm media)

Could also play with the idea of "immediate/immediately":

"Become the media, IMMEDIAtely"

Jill Ruchel

I think it is important that the name reflect what it is all about, and not require a leap of interpretation for potential users or searchers.

That's why I like the simple, straightforward, descriptive 'Social media for nonprofits', which someone suggested.

It says what it is. It says what it is about. It tells people what they can expect to find there.

By the way, I think the whole 'Be the Media' idea is great. I am from Australia, and the use of social media by nonprofits here is way behind what many charities are doing elsewhere.


Love the name you landed upon. But geez, Beth, I would never sue you:) We love you too much!
-Katya & all your fans at Network for Good.

Andrew Nachison

Hi Beth. Well, guess I'd have to be a little faster for you to worry about getting into any trouble with me :) At any rate - it looks like a great project. Let me know if I can help or contribute - or if NTEN wants to collaborate with iFOCOS. The NTEN community might also be interested in the We Media Awards we've just launched - or in pitching new ventures at our Pitch It competition. More at:

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