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Bill Kennedy, CA

Brilliant! I knew about rampant Twittering at conferences, but it hadn't occurred to me for the moderator to appoint an Advocate to monitor and comment on the traffic.

One of the things I loved about presentations in Second Life was that participants could text while the presentation was going on live. It enhanced the experience for both the presenter and the audience. I'd love to see this in the real world.

If the backchannel is being displayed for all of the people in the room, I expect that people will be more reserved in their comments (or they will find an alternative backchannel where they can say what they really feel).



Hi, Beth -

I agree - adding the backchannel can make events so much more interesting.

I attended an AMA panel on "Creating Killer Social Media Apps" in Boston this week, and the moderator (Chris Brogan) used his cell phone to ask the Twitter community, in real time, their advice for people entering the social media realm.

He got multiple responses back almost instantaneously, which not only made the panel more interesting but drove home one important piece of advice, which - not surprisingly - was mentioned by almost every Twitter respondent: be transparent.

I've also been to events that used the text-to-screen polling type app and it's wonderfully engaging as well.



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