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Calista Carter

I'd love a copy of this book - I've been thinking of teaching a class on Google Apps for Non Profits and reading this would be a great way to motivate me to actually do it. Thanks Beth. P.S. I promise not to read it at the beach - or if I do, I'll slip it inside a People magazine :)

Tim Moreland

I would love a copy. I'm a little bit of a google fan boy and use all their products. Anyway, one of my interests is in how non-profits can leverage free and open source software to achieve their mission.

I think google apps is one great way for them to do this, so I'm definitely interested in the book!

Bob Uva

I've been using Google Mail, Reader and Calendar for a while now. I recently bought a MacBook Pro (first non-Windows laptop in the family) and am excited about using Google Docs and learning about other Google applications. Part of the motivation is to force myself to use tools that I can freely recommend to non-profits in my part-time non-profit advising role.

Mike N

What I would hope to find in this book is a couple clear, easy-to-relate examples about why Google Apps is superior to its desktop counterparts. Convincing techies like us - that is, the people reading this blog - is like baptising the choir. How do you convince an over-worked, under-paid social worker that learning a brand-new, LESS-featured word processing program or spreadsheet program is actually going to save them time?

By the way, Jonathan Zittrain's The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It has made me skeptical of all cloud computing applications, including Google Apps. Not exactly beach reading (only US Weekly will do - People isn't nearly trashy enough), but very compelling nonetheless. That said, I'm obviously jockeying for a free copy of that book!!

Carla Pullum

I need to learn something new!

Sarah Stewart

Hi Beth, I am like you, I learn about these applications by trial and error. I would really like the book because people are starting to ask me how to use them & I want to make sure I know all I need to know and I am not mis-informing people. Thank you.

Paul Morriss

I'd like a book because I think Google Apps particularly are very cool.


I would love to get my hands on a free copy of this book. I work for a non-profit telvision station and will be trying to train staff on different social networking applications and it would be good to have a better understanding of the Google applications before I put myself out there. :)

Laurie Moy

I would love a copy of this book because I'm sure there are lots of little hidden gems in these apps that I don't now about yet!

Clay Newton

We use Google Apps pretty much head to toe for our org and I can say it has been incredible. With just a smidgen of technical gusto it's pretty much turnkey.

I can't imagine why a single nonprofit or NGO (large or small) would use any other suite of internal applications. Of course there is value to be added by using everything from Wufoo to pbwiki, but GOOG Apps covers a very large percentage of what people need to do day to day.

Andrew Kramer

I'm trying to start a new organization on a shoestring. I'm already (trying) to use GoogleApps but I would love to learn more. I read an article in the Economist a couple of months back about how Washington DC is using gApps to run it's day to day tech needs. Pretty cool.


Would love to have the book! Am the webmistress at a local nonprofit - both winning the book and Google Apps would help us stretch the budget.


I'm a full fledged Googlian, it's (the Google spirit) almost like magic and I would love to understand it better with the book's help. I have set up several Google Apps accounts and have become quite versatile, but to a point where hopefully the Missing Manual series will plug some holes.

Lara Varona

I'd like to throw my hat into the mix because I am a social media newbie! I only recently started getting involved all the good stuff - got a wiki going, twittering, blogging, facebooking, etc etc - and well I need all the help with applications I can get! In particular, I'm having a heck of a time figuring out how to use the Google Spreadsheet App for my wiki. Eek!


Hi, Beth.

I'd like the book because I'm a budding librarian and understanding the google is important for any info-maniac.

Also, this is the very fist blog (and very first blog post) of my brand-spankin'-new Macbook Pro! I've been saving for ages and I'm thrilled Beth's blog is my first. :)



After reading the summary on Amazon, I realize there are SO many things I don't know about Google and its many, many applications. I would love this book...and it would be great to share with all my co-workers as well.

Chad Brown

I know that I've barely scratched the surface of Google...and especially the apps. And, I would share the book w/ my colleagues at LSS! Thanks for the opportunity, Beth.

Sasi Raj

If you give I will take, that too one on google will help me whole lot. So why not! thank you.

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